Past Student, Staff, and Faculty Changemakers Initiatives

May 2009 - Costanoan Rumsen Youth Computer Courses

April 2009 - Costanoan Rumsen Wellness Center supplies

April 2009 - Inland Congregations United for Change (ICUC) Conference funds

March 2009 - China Rising: Asian American Activism academic event

March 2009 - Food Not Bombs speaker event, to launch to start of an on-campus FNB student club

February 2009 - Fund Feminist Coalition students to attend Young Women’s Leadership Conference

February 2009 - Know Your Rights workshops

January 2009 - Senior Research Project on reducing racialized violence in San Bernardino High School (in collaboration with ICUC community organization)

January 2009 - Beehive Collective activist-art event

November 2008 - Global Local Documentary series (to take place throughout Spring 2009)

November 2008 - New Resource Students initiative to travel to DC and produce documentary on presidential Inauguration

November 2008 - Fund Ecology Center and Pitzer Farm Club students to attend Eco Farm Conference

November 2008 - Diana Pei Wu Speaker event

October 2008 - Vina Danks Middle School college pipeline event to Claremont Colleges

October 2008 - Students and staff to attend Sustainability Conference

June 2008 - All-day Anti-Bias Workshop on campus

April 2008 - Ancestor Walk

April 2008 - Cinco de Mayo Labor Rights March

March 2008 - Cheryl Oring public art event

March 2008 - Young Integral Leaders workshop series