Changemakers Community Engaged Courses Grants

Stipends are available for Pitzer faculty who wish to develop community engagement courses (CECs) or to revise existing courses to become CECs.  Priority is given to proposals for first-year seminars and/or spring semester courses targeted at first year students. Course proposals should include a completed cover sheet and a brief narrative including:

  • The major issue(s) being studied and how they related to and address community engagement or critical community issues
  • Where and how students will be engaged with the community and how this engagement will be guided, overseen and evaluated
  • Description of how the course/revision will involve first-year students and an overview of the relevant assignment(s) (provide a syllabus if possible)
  • If this is a revision, provide previous semesters course descriptions and syllabi for comparison
  • Anticipated semester for initial course offering
  • Funded proposals will also require the faculty members participation in the Changemaker Advisory Committee (attendance of monthly meetings during active school year)

Funded Courses:

Spring 2010

Professor Kathleen Yep: Teaching as Social Change

Fall 2009

Professor Martha Barcenas: Pre-Hispanic Oral Wisdom Traditions of the Peoples of Mexico

Professor Tom Dolan: Introduction to Community Organizing

Spring 2009

Professor Martha Barcenas: Intermediate Spanish 33

Fall 2008

Professor Erich Steinman: Survival and Resilience: Indian Nations of Southern California

Professor Dipa Basu: Youth and Youth Resistance