CEC Steering Committee

Under the leadership and the guidance of the Steering Committee, the Center for Community Engagement provides input regarding institutional and departmental planning. The CEC Steering Committee plays a vital role in the center’s activities and is made up of representatives from community partnerships, community engaged faculty, students and staff. The Steering Committee includes at least 3 “assigned” faculty representatives at all times.

Some of the roles the Steering Committee facilitates include:

  • • Hiring
  • • Strategic planning of the center
  • • Awarding fellowships and recognition
  • • Guiding assessment effort

Additionally, CEC staff members meet with our community partners regularly throughout the year to establish, revise and re-work our MOU’s to ensure reciprocity and capacity building within the partnership. Finally, as mentioned, we place strong emphasis in creating reciprocal relationships where there is constant communication occurring between our office and our community partners.

Students are also an integral component of the CEC Steering Committee. These are many of the opportunities available to students involved in the Committee:

  • • Facilitate the decision making process of award funding for other students, staff, faculty and community partner proposals
  • • Initiation and implementation of student proposals for future projects
  • • Engaging with other students on the college government board
  • • Voting power at College Council, used to revisit, amend or uphold current policies and procedures
  • • Encouraged to actively plan, implement and lead community engagement efforts through service-learning classes and beyond
  • • For more information contact Tessa Hicks-Peterson