Our office provides comprehensive internship listings (for the academic year or summer) in all industries.  The first step is to access our database of internship listings.  We are part of the NIC (Nationwide Internship Consortium) (NIC) which currently posts over 8,300 internships received by Pitzer, Claremont McKenna, Harvey Mudd, Pomona, and Scripps as well as a consortium of 12 small-medium liberal arts colleges and universities including Johns Hopkins, Dartmouth, Reed, Sarah Lawrence and Lewis and Clark. 

Since there are so many great internship options and the process takes time, we encourage you to begin early and meet with a Career Services counselor who can assist you with identifying internship opportunities.  We can also work with you to develop both a resume and cover letter to be used in the search process.

Some organizations have structured internship programs with strict deadlines and requirements. Others are willing to let students design and structure an internship that meets the needs of both the organization and the student. Since many internships are unpaid it is important to consider what you will receive in return for your time. The process of locating an internship can be very similar to finding a paid job, so allow time to research organizations and positions.

Our resource library has several directories and career-specific internship books for domestic and internship opportunities.

Why do an internship?

An internship is one of the best ways to gain practical experience outside the classroom. By doing an internship you can…

  • Explore work in your area of study
  • Try something new
  • Check out a potential employer
  • Contribute to the community
  • Find a mentor in your area of interest
  • Gain or refine job search skills
  • Develop useful contacts
  • Enhance your resume
  • Determine your major

Online Resources

Career Services subscribes to several databases that are available at no cost to currently enrolled students and Pitzer alumni: ARTSEARCH, Entertainment Employment Journal, Internships-USA, and ClaremontConnect as well. To access these resources for passwords please contact Career Services with your name and class year.

We also have links to many websites listing academic year, summer, paid and unpaid internship opportunities in various fields.

Assistance from Alumni

Our program for searching for alumni contacts for networking purposes is currently under development. Please email Career Services with your request for alumni contacts or call our office at 621-8519.  We will work with you to obtain these.

Create Your Own Internship

Many Pitzer students have created their own internships in a variety of career fields. You can do this by contacting organizations and companies of interest to you. Make sure you know exactly what type of internship experience you want before you speak with potential internship sponsors. We suggest you speak with a counselor who can help you develop a proposal, identify your interests, and clarify exactly how you can benefit an organization.

Organizations that have accepted Pitzer students as interns

Students have held internships in hundreds of organizations. View a select list of companies and organizations that have accepted Pitzer students as interns.

If you are not able to identify an internship using these resources and strategies, then make an appointment to speak with a career counselor who can help you tailor your search.