Center for Asian Pacific American Students


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Commemoration Book

CAPAS 10 Year Commemoration Book

The CAPAS 10 year commemoration booklet includes a history timeline, student voices, photos and articles from the past ten years.




Pitzer College Participant Magazine Articles

Fall 2003, "To Sow, To Water, & Grow"

Spring 2003, "Supporting a Once 'Model Minority' Community"

Winter 2005, "Pitzer reaches out to Tsunami Victims"

Newspaper articles

Claremont Courier, January 5, 2005 - "Claremont Responds to Tsunami Disaser"

Student Life, November 13, 2009 – " Fil-I-Am" showcases Asian-American Performers"

Voices From the Margins

Issue 6

April 2004

November 2003

December 2002