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Use this form to place an order for film titles from the Pitzer Audio Visual Collection. Please indicate the title of the film you will need, the PZAV#, and the date the title will be screened or used in a class presentation. We require 48 hours prior notice of a request of any title that is on our list. If the title you're requesting is not on our list, please indicate it as a new title by checking the box. New titles will require at least 30 days prior notice to acquire, if acquisition is possible. Because the collection may be used by all, it's helpful to know the date you intend to use the film for class or screening so that, with discretion, we can let others use the titles when you may not be.

Let us know if you would prefer, and we will make shelf space for the titles with your specific class information indicated. If you need the title available for your students in the office viewing area beyond the time it will be screened or used in class, please indicate in the box and we will keep the title on the shelf for two weeks after your in-class or screening date. Just a reminder: we do not check titles out to students.

If one form does not accommodate all your titles, please submit as many separate forms as you need.

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