A Tongva Native Garden
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2. Artemesia californica “Coastal Sagebrush” Pawots

Artemesia californica
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Medicinal: Pawots was one of the most important of the medicinal plants for the Tongva. It was an essential element in women's medicine. From her first menstruation and for the rest of her life, a woman drank a tea made from Pawots. Newborn babies were given a tea to purify them.

A poultice made from A. californica leaves was used to alleviate toothache. A decoction was drunk for coughs, asthma, and rheumatic pains. Leaves were chewed for stomachaches and made into a poultice for burns and wounds.

A leaf tea reduced fever and pain.

Spiritual: Like A. tridentata, it was hung in sweathouses. Men who were preparing for a hunt were “smudged” with a mixture of White Sage "Kasili" and "Pawots". This artemesia was a major plant in a girl's puberty ritual.

Herbal shrub

Blossoms August to December.

Lower slopes and fans below 2500 feet. Coastal Sage Scrub, Coastal Strand, Kini (San Clemente ) and Pimu (Santa Catalina islands).


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