A Tongva Native Garden


The Tongva Garden has been created over many years with the help of many people with special thanks to the late Professor John Rodman for the initial design and planting of the garden.

Mark Acuna, Tongva Ethno Botanist, has been generous with his time and advice regarding the garden and the selection of plants. He has done some wonderful tours for many classes and provided background information both on the Gabrieleno Tongva people as well as their uses for these plants.

Joe Clements, Director of the Arboretum, has done the photography and compilation of the information about the plants. He, too, has catalogued, tagged and labeled as well as maintained the plants in the garden.

The Pitzer Aesthetics Committee (2005-6) took this project on as its special project for the year. Campus Life Committee has provided funding for the brochure and labels.

The Program in Cross-Cultural Health and Healing, through the initiative of Professor Mario Maldonado has provided an academic context and furthered the study that can be seen on the link above.

Environmental Studies faculty Paul Faulstich, Melinda Herrold-Menzies and Sheryl Miller (Anthropology) have used these gardens for classes over the years and supported its development. Many students have worked on this garden as well.

Professor Sharon Snowiss with the help of Sudatip Pramuanmetha (CGU) has edited and produced the brochure and web site.

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