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Pitzer Troublemaker Video Series

Pitzer College

Jeff Gottlieb '75

Jeff Gottlieb '75 is an investigative reporter at the Los Angeles Times, winner of the Pulitzer Prize of Journalism for Public Service, and a Pitzer College alumnus.

"One of the things I took away as a Pitzer student was the importance of social responsibility and taking part in what's going on around you. I think that helped lead me toward journalism."

Learn more about Jeff and how a Pitzer education transforms the world.

Pitzer College

Founding Faculty Member Steve Glass

Steve Glass is a founding faculty member and professor emeritus of classics at Pitzer. For 47 years, he inspired and educated troublemakers at Pitzer College.

"If I were an extraordinarily wealthy man, I would find just how much money Pitzer needed to ensure that every student who required financial aid would get it in full. Students who can afford to go here, go; students who can't, don't. This created a two-tier college system. Now, where's the diversity that you wished to have? So, whenever I give money to Pitzer (and I do annually), it's almost always dedicated to financial aid."

Learn more about Steve's extraordinary story.

Pitzer College

Michele Siqueiros '95

Michele Siqueiros is executive director of the Campaign for College Opportunity.

"A troublemaker, for me, is someone who is not afraid to challenge the status quo. I certainly feel that at Pitzer we were trained to change things for the better. At Pitzer, students are challenge, supported and engaged. It was at Pitzer that I learned I could be involved in the political process. I think that Pitzer will continue to serve more generations of students that will go out and be troublemakers, themselves, and change the world."

Learn more about Michele and see how a Pitzer education changes the world.