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Alumni Fund

The Alumni Fund helps make possible the outstanding educational opportunities that are part of each student's Pitzer College experience, while also allowing the College to remain on the forefront of progressive liberal arts and science institutions. On an annual basis, these budget-relieving funds provide scholarships, faculty development, student programming, research opportunities and much more.

Your participation makes a difference!

Corporations, foundations, and other donors use alumni giving as a measure of satisfaction with the College. They see alumni support as a vote of confidence in the Pitzer experience. Also, alumni participation affects Pitzer's standing in the U.S. News & World Report's annual college rankings. Whether you believe in the validity of these national rankings or not, others do, including future Pitzer students and their parents. Your annual gift does have a serious impact on the future of Pitzer College.

Pitzer’s Alumni participation rate in 2007-2008 year was 26% (an 11% drop since 2004-2005). In response to this steady decline the Alumni Board has instituted an “Alumni Participation Challenge” to re-engage 500 lapsed alumni donors and increase the participation rate to 30%. Please consider the data below.

2007-2008 Alumni Participation Rates

2007-2008 Annual Fund Results

Alumni Fund $$ Raised: $429,204

Total Annual Fund $$:
$1,611,000 (from last year's $1,530,000)

Amherst College 70%
Middlebury College 60%
Scripps College 48.5%
Occidental College 47%
Pomona College 46%
Claremont McKenna College 42%
Harvey Mudd College 36%
Pitzer College 26%

The Alumni Fund is one of the most crucial components of the Annual Fund. In addition to alumni contributions, the Annual Fund is supported by parents, staff & faculty, trustees, foundations & corporations, and friends of the College.

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