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What is Advancement?

Simply put, Advancement in the academic realm involves the development and cultivation of human and financial resources.

Throughout Pitzer College’s history, the institution has benefited from the guidance and generosity of alumni, faculty, staff, parents, friends, foundations and corporations. That support continues today. It is essential to Pitzer’s continuing success, and to its mission to remain among the best private undergraduate coeducational colleges of the liberal arts and sciences.

Ultimately, support is about generosity. A gift to Pitzer will enable us to further our mission of educating students who seek the challenges of the contemporary world and are fully prepared to seek change. A gift to Pitzer will allow young men and women to grow as individuals while also building the College community.

Giving is an individual decision. It is not, however, a difficult objective to achieve.

The Pitzer Office of College Advancement, with its staff and resources, can answer questions and provide solutions, in the giving area. We’ve set up a dedicated giving page that outlines giving options and provides details.

We’re also available in person to assist you. Don’t hesitate to contact us the old-fashioned way, either by mail or telephone, if you need help or have questions about your giving options, or just want to know more about the Office of College Advancement and its goals.

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