2005-2006 Academic Year

Katie Lindberg ’06, Most Outstanding Female Athlete of the Year

Katie Lindberg

Katie Lindberg ’06 worked mighty hard to earn her Most Outstanding Female Student Athlete award, but her four years on the swim team weren’t only about working hard.

“I think one of the times I will remember the most is walking back and forth from the pool at Pomona to Pitzer with all my Pitzer teammates,” Lindberg reminisced. “We would laugh the whole way down and back. It is a trek we make a lot—
very day, sometimes twice a day, so that time was really special.”

With a 3.6 GPA in her major of psychology, Lindberg truly is an outstanding student-athlete. In fact, the night she was received her athletic award, she also received a Psy Chi award for her academic performance. “Swimming on the team made me a better student,” Lindberg said. “It makes me more focused.”

Growing up in Seattle, Wash., Lindberg said she feels Pitzer has taught her to open her mind to life.

“Pitzer has made me so much more socially conscious,” Lindberg said. “Before I came to Pitzer, I thought within a very small box. Now, after my years here swimming and studying abroad in Costa Rica, I am able to think outside of the box.”