2005-2006 Academic Year

David Knowles ’07 Receives Daley Athletic Achievement Award

David Knowles

Receiving the Daley Athletic Achievement Award at the Student-Athlete Award dinner wasn’t just another example of an excellent career in basketball for David Knowles ’07; it gave him a chance to see his feelings about Pomona-Pitzer sports reflected in others.

“Sports have been in my heart since I came here. I hadn’t gone to the dinner the past two years because I didn’t know what the dinner was all about,” Knowles said. “Going to the dinner, not only winning the award, and hearing people echo sentiments that have been in my heart all along makes me very proud to be a student-athlete here at Pitzer.”

Knowles said speaking with the award’s founder, Dan Daley ’89 was another highlight of the dinner. “I thanked Daley after the ceremony. He said that he knew about me from the Sagehens Sports Reviews. I think getting the alumni and current students interested and keeping them up to date with the sports here is helping to develop the spirit of sports on campus. That means a lot to me.”

Coming up on his senior year, Knowles is dead set on having a stellar year on the court, as well as academically. He will stay in Claremont for the summer to take summer school courses and focus on his training.

“Training over the summer is really important,” Knowles explained. “It gives you a little bit of an edge in Division III sports. We are not required to train or be on campus for the summer, but I think it really helps you get ready for the season. It is fun to be good at what you do.”

His family would love for Knowles to return home to Dallas, Texas, and though he misses them terribly, he is much too enthralled in his time here to leave now. “I love the atmosphere here. Even though the real world is different, this is the best place to grow,” Knowles said. “It’s four years of everyone exchanging ideas and everyone accepting everyone…I wish the rest of the world was like that.”

With dedication like his, look for great things from Knowles next year.