2005-2006 Academic Year

Pitzer College 30-Second Television Spots on Univision
Public Service Announcements Created by Media Studies Interns

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Media Studies Interns


(left-right) Media Studies interns Chacha Murillo ’06, Chris Jacobs ’06, Sam Harowitz ’06, and Kimberly Bautista ’07

Jorge Delgado, a member of the Pitzer College Board of Trustees and president and general manager of Univision 34 (Los Angeles KMEX-TV) and TeleFutura 46, embraces the educational objectives of the Pitzer community to promote diversity and intercultural understanding. Delgado generously offered a unique internship opportunity to increase awareness of Pitzer College and its core values among the Latino community.

Delgado thinks highly of the Pitzer College Media Studies program: “Univision 34 is very proud of its intern program and expects a great deal of Pitzer students,” Delgado said. “We know how important it is for students to have hands-on experience in this industry and hope to see some of them back in the future.”

Robert Yañez, director of news and production/operations for Univision 34 and TeleFutura 46, coordinated a comprehensive tour of their state-of-the-art Los Angeles headquarters for the interns and serves as a liaison between the television station and the College.

The four student interns were selected for this outstanding opportunity on the basis of demonstrable media production skills, Spanish fluency and/or a knowledge of or interest in the Chicano/Latino community. The PSAs are scheduled to air in early 2006.

The interns report to Susan Andrews, associate vice president for marketing and public relations and members of the Internship Advisory Committee: Dean of Faculty Alan Jones, Vice President of Admission and Financial Aid Arnaldo Rodriguez, and professors Maria Torres, Maria Soldatenko, Norma Rodriguez, Gina Lamb and Ethel Jorge, and Enid Somogyi and Eddie Gonzalez ’04 of the Media Studies program.

The PSAs will also be accessible from the Pitzer College Web site.

“When I learned about the call for this internship, it really spoke to me because of the opportunity of using my knowledge of media to encourage other Latino students in the L.A. area to come to Pitzer. I’ve learned how to work with clients and as part of a professional team while striving for my goal of diversifying Pitzer’s campus and community,” said Kimberly Bautista ’07.

“I take much pride in being Latina, speaking Spanish, and attending Pitzer College and it makes me happy to know that Univision will assemble this project aimed towards the Latino community. I truly hope this effort has a profound and positive impact on my culture as well as on a diverse level,” said Cecilia (Chacha) Murillo ’06.
“This is just an incredible opportunity. It’s everything I could have hoped for. I am so happy because someday I hope to work in Spanish television,” said Chris Jacobs ’06.

Sam Harowitz ’06 sums up his experience: “The Univision internship has given me the chance to not only actively participate in the Pitzer community but has also enabled me to prepare myself for a job in the entertainment business. Being able to closely work with the public relations staff and other students on a commercial intended to represent Pitzer College has given me a better understanding about what Pitzer College is truly about. It has also reminded me why I chose to come to Pitzer in the first place: academic excellence, diversity and social responsibility, and community involvement. I think that this commercial is a perfect example of the type of community involvement that takes place on a day-to-day basis with Pitzer students, faculty and staff.”

Roles in the commercial production process include: Kimberly Bautista ’07, editor and sound; Sam Harowitz ’06, director of photography; Chris Jacobs ’06, co-producer and special effects; Chacha Murillo ’06, co-producer and translator; Susan Andrews, director and executive producer; Enid Somogyi, consultant/music; Eddie Gonzalez ’04, consultant/music; Catherine Okereke ’00, production assistant; and Gina Lamb, faculty adviser.