2002-2003 Academic Year

Board of Friends Works in Conjunction with Intercultural and Language Education Center

"I was pleasantly reminded of the commitment and the energy of the faculty and staff of the Intercultural and Language Education Programs to ensure that all students, those visiting from abroad or those from Pitzer venturing beyond the campus boundaries, have the opportunity to immerse themselves in different cultures and be exposed to life changing experiences." Jose Mota, member of the ILE Board of Friends at its second annual meeting at Pitzer on May 1, 2003.

Like Mota, who came to Pitzer in 1991 under the aegis of the Galileo Scholarship Program of Venezuela to study English in PACE, other Board members resonate to the distinctiveness of this area of the College, particularly its emphasis on deep cultural immersion in the communities hosting our programs, highly effective language instruction, and opportunities for extending what we do abroad to local settings. ILE programs include External Studies, our Community-based Spanish program through The Language Institute, the Program in American College English (PACE) for international students, Special Programs, and grant programs that support these activities.

Through the creation of the Board of Friends, the College has embarked on an effort to connect distinguished friends and alumni to this center of excellence. The Friends meet annually to deepen their knowledge of Pitzer programs help the College develop directions, connections, resources, and broad forms of national and international recognition for the uniquely transformative models of education represented by those programs.

Pitzer will be extending the ILE Board of Friends this year to include increased representation from alumni of the programs, consulates, museums, foundations, the media and local community partners.