Teaching and Learning Committee (TLC)

The purpose of the Teaching and Learning Committee (TLC) is to develop opportunities for conversation and reflection among faculty, students, and staff around topics of teaching and learning. The TLC aims to facilitate the creation of a culture of critical reflection on teaching and learning by responding to the needs expressed by all constituencies of the college. Since the committee is composed of representatives from all three groups, the process of learning is viewed as

Event Year Offered
Lunches, Afternoon Teas, Workshops, and Presentations  
Making the Most of Your Relationships with Professors and Advisers (lunch panel with and for students) 2012-13
Panel on Students with Disabilities (lunch panel for faculty and staff) 2012-13
Federal Educations Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Training (lunch discussion with faculty and staff) 2012-13
Presentation and Panel on Information Literacy (co-presented with faculty and librarians) 2012-13
Universal Design for Learning (lunch discussion with faculty and staff) 2012-13
Education for Sustainability: Practical Means for Utopian Ends (Lunch Discussion) 2010-11
Team Teaching (Afternoon Tea) 2010-11
Graduate Fellowship Opportunities (Lunch Discussion) 2009-10
Using Wikis in the Clasroom (Lunch Discussion) 2009-10
Getting Students to Participate: Using Clickers in the Classroom (Lunch Discussion) 2009-10
Teaching Strategies vs. Learning Outcomes: Embracing a Pedagogical Shift in Teaching (Lunch Discussion) 2009-10
Thinking Ahead: A Forum on Course Planning (Lunch Discussion) 2008-09
Strategic Planning Forum on Pedagogy (Lunch Discussion) 2008-09
Sustainability at Pitzer (Lunch Discussion) 2008-09
Syllabus Planning Workshop for Faculty (Workshop) 2008-09
CCCSI Workshop on Teaching Social Responsibility (Workshop) 2008-09
Meet the TLC (Lunch Discussion) 2008-09
Workshop on Community-based Research (Workshop) co-sponsored by CCCSI 2008-09
What Happened to Scott Hall Lawn? (Lunch Discussion) 2008-09
Students in distress: Recognizing mental health issues (Lunch Discussion) 2007-08
You say namaste, I say dumela: Reflections from global-local programs in India and Botswana (Lunch Discussion) 2007-08
Pitzer's Outback as a learning resource (Lunch Discussion) 2007-08
Marratech remote site conferencing software (Lunch Discussion) 2007-08
Graduate Fellowship Opportunities (Lunch Discussion) 2007-08
What academics can learn from beginning acting (Workshop) 2007-08
Junior Faculty Seminar Series (Workshop) 2007-08
Embracing Ethnic and Gender Diversity in an Academic Environment (Lunch Discussion) 2006-07
Majors Fair (Presentation) 2006-07
New Resources Student Workshop (Workshop) 2006-07
Academic Advising part 2 (Lunch Discussion) 2006-07
Academic Honesty (Lunch Discussion) 2006-07
Academic Advising part 1 (Lunch Discussion) 2006-07
Student-led Discussion on Teaching and Learning at Pitzer (Lunch Discussion) 2005-06
Encouraging Reflective Thinking (Lunch Discussion) 2005-06
Our Basic Aims as Teachers (Lunch Discussion) 2005-06
Sponsored Events  
Support for Majors Dinners Since 2007
Junior Faculty Lunches Since 2009
New Faculty Meeting Program 2007-10, 2012-present
Write on Site Program for Pretenure Faculty Since 2012
Course-specific Activities Varies by semester
Inaugural Claremont Splash (a 5-C student-run activity/outreach to high school students) 2013-14
Conference of Small Liberal Arts Colleges Writing Programs (co-funded by TLC) 2013-14
Claremont Journal of International Relations (a 5-C student-run journal) 2013-14
Graduate Fellowship Information Session (panel discussion with students, faculty, and staff) 2012-13
Global-Local Discussion and Meeting with Prof. Blaise Scarnathy (with faculty and staff) 2012-13
The Future of Democracy in the 21st Century with Prof. Jeff Isaac (with faculty and students) 2012-13
CCCSI - A Faculty Conversation on Social Responsibility & Community Engagement at Pitzer College 2009-10
Study Abroad/International Programs Info Session for New Faculty 2009-10
Psychology Advising Pizza Night 2009-10
Pitzer Open Studios Student Exhibition 2009-10
Senior Art Show Opening and Reception 2008-09
Women in Math Dinner 2008-09
International Food Origins 2008-09
Dinner for Exchange Students 2008-09
Women of color book discussion group 2008-09
Pre-Renewal Dinner for 1st-3rd year faculty 2008-09
Tasty interactions at the Grove House during advising days 2007-10