Request for TLC Funding

The Teaching and Learning Committee (TLC) considers funding requests in support of course, field group, and co-curricular events and activities that:

  • • help faculty develop/augment their teaching;
  • • foster students' learning; and
  • • develop opportunities for conversation and reflection among faculty, students, and staff around topics of teaching and learning.

We are especially interested in funding events/activities—organized by faculty, students, and staff who did not receive TLC funding last fall—that:

  1. 1. focus on pedagogical issues, rather than more general social and intellectual interactions, and
  2. 2. represent NEW initiatives, rather than recurring annual events.

Funding Guidelines

As funding is limited, awards cannot be combined across categories. Generally, the maximum awards are as follows:

  • • Guest speakers, guest lecturers, and workshop leaders: $300, to be parsed as the awardee sees fit (e.g., between honoraria, travel assistance, etc.)

  • • Materials for in-class activities (e.g., materials or equipment for reenactments, role-playing, or publications): $300
  • • Fieldtrips (including transportation, admission, and meals): $25 per person or $400 per event, whichever is lower
  • • Dinner events: $15 per person or $400 per event, whichever is lower
  • • Lunch events: $12 per person or $300 per event, whichever is lower
  • • Hors d'oeuvres for events $4 per person (cannot be combined with dinner or lunch events)

Original receipts and a completed TLC evaluation/assessment, all to be submitted two weeks following the event/activity, are required for reimbursement.

All events must occur during the academic year in which funding has been granted. Funding does not roll over to the following academic year.

"The Teaching and Learning Committee (TLC) is now accepting funding proposals for events and activities that will take place during the FALL 2014 semester.  Applications will be reviewed on a first-come basis, with priority given to requests received by 5pm on September 29th.

Applicants must complete a Funding Request Form in order to be considered for funding. Incomplete forms will not be considered. Proposals will normally be submitted at least 3 weeks before your event.

Successful applicants ("TLC awardees") will receive an award letter by e-mail specifying the amount of funding they have been granted and the procedures for paying honoraria and requesting reimbursements.

Any flyers, posters, or e-mail notices publicizing the event must include the following acknowledgment: "This event was supported by the Teaching and Learning Committee."

TLC awardees must notify TLC of any changes in their event, such as changes in date, speaker, location, and funding sources. Notifications should be sent to

TLC awardees must complete an Event Evaluation within two weeks of their event. Reimbursements will not be processed until the Event Evaluation has been submitted. Failure to do so may affect one's ability to receive funding for future events.

In accordance with Section VIII.C.6 of the Faculty Handbook, the use of student activity funds to purchase alcohol is prohibited. The TLC follows this policy in its funding guidelines.

Please contact us at with any inquiries or to share suggestions for future TLC programming.


TLC Funding Request

TLC Funded Event Evaluation