Student Club Charter

Club Charter Form:

Student Club Charter/Re-Charter Information


Steps to Chartering a Pitzer Student Club

To charter a new club or re-charter an existing club, you must complete the following:

1. Review the Pitzer Student Club Information and Responsibilities

Review all the information and responsibilities of Pitzer Student Clubs, prior to completing the Club Charter Form.

2. Complete a Club Charter Form and submit it to Student Senate.

The Club Chartering Packet must include:

• Club Constitution

o (Link to Sample)

• Club Officer List who will be responsible for the club.

o (Link to Sample)

• Club Roster

• Club Budget Allocation Request

o (Link to Form)

3. Submit a Club Charter.

Clubs need to submit the following each year:

• Club Officer List

• Club Roster

• Club Budget Allocation Request

• Club Constitution – only if the club has made any changes to their constitution.

o If a returning club is looking to be re-charted and there have been no changes to their club's constitution, they do not need to submit their constitution.

4. Have Club Officers attend the following meetings:

Each Club needs to have a Club Officer attend these meetings each year:

• Senate Club Charter Meeting – typically scheduled for April

• Senate Budgetary Committee Meeting – typically scheduled for April

• Senate Treasurer's Meeting – typically scheduled for the first few weeks of each semester.

• Senate Secretary's Meeting – typically scheduled for the first few weeks of each semester.

Clubs chartering later in the semester may make an appointment for an orientation.

Pitzer Student Club Information and Responsibilities

Pitzer's student clubs (including Hall Councils) offer significant ways for students to be involved in the life of Pitzer College and beyond. Being recognized as a Pitzer student club by Student Senate also brings certain privileges and responsibilities.

Recognized student clubs will enjoy the following privileges:

• The use the name "Pitzer College" in your correspondence and advertising. You, and all members of your club, are, however, liable for your events and actions; Pitzer College is not.

• The use of buildings, grounds, equipment, and services of the College when available and officially scheduled.

• Clubs have access to support services, including duplicating, publicity and programming assistance, and a club mailbox in GSC 222.

• The club will be listed on the current club roster.

Recognized student clubs all have the following responsibilities:

• The club must be approved by the Student Senate and the Office of Student Affairs, when needed.

• The purpose of the club must be compatible with the policies and educational objectives of the College.

• The club must observe all Student Senate and college policies, and, of course, federal, state and local laws.

• The club must have an approved constitution and must maintain club records and keep them up-to-date. Club records must include: club constitution, club officer list, club roster, club budget and a list of club sponsored events/programs.

• The club must be open to all currently enrolled students and have at least eight (8) active members.

• The club will not haze according to California State Law.

• The club will not restrict membership based upon race, color, national origin, religion, sex, physical and mental disability, medical condition, ancestry, marital status, age, sexual orientation, citizenship or status as a covered veteran (special disabled veteran, Vietnam-era veteran or any other veteran who served on active duty during a war or in a campaign or expedition for which a campaign badge has been authorized).

• The club must meet at least twice a month and inform the Pitzer student body (through email) the dates, times, and locations of all meetings. All club meetings that must be open to the general student body.

• The club must submit club minutes for each club meeting throughout the year and use the Club Minutes Form.

• The club must follow established policies and procedures for all club financial transactions, accounting, use of facilities and services, etc. This includes keeping all funds in your Pitzer-provided account.

o All club transfers made to other clubs must be substantiated with a filled-out the Club Transfer Form.

• The club must provide for the smooth transition of your organization from semester-to-semester and from year-to-year.

• The club must collaborate, as appropriate, with other student organizations and college offices.

• The club must provide a funding progress report at the end of the Fall semester.

• The club must renew their charter each year if they wish to be recognized for the following academic year.

• Clubs cannot change their official club name mid-semester. Name changes will only be considered at the beginning and end of each semester and the request needs to be sent to Senate for consideration.

• Clubs are encouraged to reach out to and gain interest from the entire Pitzer community as much as possible (through events, advertising, club fairs, emails, etc.)

• The club must have fun and enjoy the challenges and opportunities of being a Pitzer student club.

Renewal of Charter

Club Charters are active for one academic year. At the end of the Spring semester, all clubs must renew their charter with the Student Senate. The renewal involves:

• Club Officer List

• Club Budget Allocation Request

The Club Constitution will remain as filed unless changes are made.

Club Inactive Status

If a club becomes inactive for a semester, their funding will revert to the Student Senate at the end of the semester. Clubs that have been inactive for two (2) or more semesters must submit a charter application form.

Loss of Charter

Clubs that fail to comply with the previously mentioned responsibilities will have their charter suspended or canceled, and any club funds will revert to the Student Senate. The Student Senate and the Senate Budgetary Committee will be responsible for enforcing all club responsibilities.

Appeal Loss of Charter

Any club that loses its charter may appeal to the Student Senate. Such appeals must be filed within 30 school days. If no appeal is filed, the action becomes effective.

Duplicating services are available in the Duplicating Office in Bernard. Only the Club Officers are authorized to use duplicating services for their club may make copies on behalf of the club. The club account will be billed later. Be sure to fill-out the duplicating request form properly and record duplicating charges in your club budget.

All events/programs sponsored by clubs must be registered with the Student Involvement Coordinator in a timely manner and must be in accordance with the current event/programming policies.

Student Club Constitution Template & Instructions

Use this template for your constitution and customize it for your club.

Article I-Name of club

Section I. The name of the club.

Article II – Club Purpose

Section I. Briefly describe the purpose and objective of your club.

Section II. What is hoped to be accomplished by the club?

Section III. How does your club benefit the Pitzer community?

Article III - Membership

Section I. Describe who is eligible for membership?

Only currently registered students may be active members in a recognized student club. Only active members may vote or hold office.

Article IV - Officers/Elections

Section I. List the club officers by title (e.g., President) or define the leadership structure if another system is used (e.g., spokesperson by consensus).

You must minimally list a President and Treasurer or their equivalent.

Section II. The duties of the club officers shall be (see samples below)

President: Serves as the official representative of the club. Convenes and chairs club meetings. Sets club meeting agendas. May propose and vote upon all club matters.

Vice President: Assists club president with all club matters. May propose and vote upon all club matters.

Treasurer: Handles all financial club matters including but not limited to: collecting receipts, processing RFCs, and keeping an accurate budget for the club. of the organization. May propose and vote upon all club matters.

Secretary: Records and distributes the minutes of all club meetings. May propose and vote upon all club matters.

Section III. Describe the process and required majority of votes by which your officers will be elected.

Section IV. What time of year will selection occur?

Section V. Stipulate the term of office; by semester, by year, etc.

Section VI. How will officers be removed or replaced?

Article V - Meetings

Section I. How often, when, run by whom, how announced?

Clubs must use

Section II. Will there be a call for special emergency meetings? How will you notify people of emergency meetings?

Section III. What is quorum?

State the exact minimum number or % of members who must be present at a meeting, in order to conduct business.

Article VI - Constitutional Amendments

Section I. An amendment may be initiated by any member of the club and passed by a two-thirds majority vote of the members present at the meeting.

Section II. How will you notify active members that an amendment is going to be voted upon?

All constitutional amendments, additions or deletions must be filed with Student Senate within one week of adoption.

Article VII – Dissolution

Section I. How will dissolution be decided?

Section II. What is the required majority of votes to dissolve the group?

Club Charter Form: