Student Senate - Official Documents

Student Senate Constitution

The Constitution of Student Senate provides the foundational framework under which the Student Senate operates.

Pitzer College Student Senate Budgetary By-Laws

Whenever a request for funding is received by Student Senate the Budgetary Committee is charged with evaluating the request and issuing a recommendation to be considered by the entire Student Senate. The Budgetary Committee is chaired by the Student Senate Treasurer and includes each of the class representatives as voting members.

Members of the outgoing and incoming Executive Board represent Pitzer at the 5C Budget process that occurs each spring. Organizations that include membership from 2 or more colleges are encouraged to participate in this process.

Intercollegiate Council of Student Body Presidents/5C Senate

The Intercollegiate Council of Student Body Presidents, or 5C Senate, includes representatives from each of the five undergraduate colleges. These representatives are generally senior members of each school’s student government. Please review the linked document for additional information.

The group has a rotating Chair.

Governance Documents

Student Handbook

Faculty Handbook includes the following:

  • Bylaws of Pitzer College
  • Bylaws of Faculty and Student Governance
  • Bylaws of Staff

Constitution of The Claremont Colleges