Executive Board, 2013-2014

Nicholas Romo - Senate Chair Andrea Gochi - Secretary
Matt Hoffer - Senate Vice Chair Ryan Daly - Communications Secretary
Bailey Masullo - Treasurer  

Membership as officer is open to all Pitzer students in good standing with the exception that to be an officer, the student may not be a member of the Faculty Executive Committee or a Resident Assistant when s/he takes office.

Student Chair
The Student Chair presides over all Student Senate meetings and serves as the official representative of the Pitzer student body at meetings such as the Intercollegiate council of Student Body Presidents. The Student Chair votes in Senate only in the case of a tie. S/he is a voting member of College Council. The Senate Chair is one of three people who has the power to call College Council meetings and determine the agenda (the other two being the President and the Dean of the Faculty). The Chair is also the head of the Executive board and has the power to form new committees.

Vice Chair
The Vice Chair serves as the acting Chair when the Chair is unavailable. S/he is the sole student representative to the Budgetary Implementation Committee.

The Secretary is responsible for taking the minutes at every meeting and distributing those minutes for approval at the following meeting. The Secretary also maintains an archive of all official Senate material and coordinates all elections.

The Treasurer chairs the Budgetary subcommittee of the Student Senate, formulates the budget and makes recommendations to Senate on funding issues.

Communications Secretary
The Communications Secretary is responsible for keeping the student body informed of Senate business and decisions. The Communications Secretary works as a liaison between Senate and the rest of the College. The Communications Secretary provides an archive of Senate records and opinions of the student body, maintains the Senate web page and chairs the Communications subcommittee.