Campus Life Committee

The mission of Campus Life Committee is to enhance the intellectual, cultural, and social life of the College, to promote and support close faculty-student relationships, and to encourage the involvement of alumni in the campus community. CLC fulfills its mission primarily by allocating various funds for special events, activities, programs, and projects that will enhance campus life. All members of the Pitzer community are invited to submit funding proposals. CLC also oversees issues of space development, allocation, and utilization in residential areas, and supports an orientation program for new students.

If you have questions that the CLC website doesn’t address, please contact CLC members by e-mailing

Members of Campus Life Committee, 2014-15

  • Alayna Goins - Director of Student Activities and Orientation
  • Alex Juhasz – Professor of Media Studies,
  • Angel Jauregui - Data and Analytics Support
  • Anna Leopold - Student
  • Anna Pleskunas – Student
  • Azamat Junisbai – Assistant Professor of Sociology
  • Charlie Yates - Student
  • Drew Herbert - Associate Dean of Students for Campus Life
  • Isabelle Ng - Student
  • Kathleen Purvis-Roberts - Associate Dean of Faculty