PI MS 196: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to have an internship arranged before I register for PI MS 196?
No, but you should begin looking at the beginning of the semester or just before. Be sure to have a resume and a template for a good cover letter ready before you start contacting possible internships. Also, be clear about when and for how long you will be available.

2. How many hours are interns required to work?
To receive passing credit for MS 196, you should work at least 60 hours. Time you spend working at home (reading a script) or at an outside event (film premiere) counts toward your internship. Travel time and time spent on your reading responses and preparing your final project don’t count towards the 60 hours.

3. Can I receive credit for a summer internship?
Yes. You can register for PI MS 196 during the subsequent fall semester. Keep in mind that you must still submit a proposal and receive permission from an Internship Advisor before you begin work or during the first two weeks of work. You should also make arrangements to check in by email during the summer. You should not expect to receive credit for an internship unless you have an advisor’s approval.

4. How can I verify course credit for my internship?
Some site supervisors will request proof that you are receiving academic credit. Contact the IMS office (ims@pitzer.edu) about receiving verification.

5. Can Pomona students get academic credit for an internship (PZ MS 196) and get funding from PCIP?
No. Pomona administration does not permit students who are receiving funding from the PCIP program to receive academic credit as well.

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