For Students Currently Abroad

Planning for Your Return Home and Saying Goodbye

Be sure to allow time to say a proper goodbye to the important people you befriended while abroad. You have spent a semester learning how to participate appropriately in your host culture and there may be customs and rituals expected in saying good bye that you don’t want to overlook and risk appearing rude to people who have become important to you.

In the last hectic days of your semester you will be finishing up coursework, packing, buying souvenirs and trying to squeeze in all the things you meant to do while you were abroad. It is important to schedule time to say goodbye to your host family or roommates, your program staff, your teachers, and internship supervisors and especially the people you became close to in your time overseas. Be sure to gather phone numbers, email addresses and postal addresses so you can stay in touch after you leave.

If you browse through the What's up with Culture Website, especially Module 2.1 Preparing to Come Home before you return to the US, you will ensure a better sense of closure for your experience abroad: