For Pitzer Students Only

Registration for Courses While Abroad

Students on exchanges and all non Pitzer programs that offer a choice of classes will need to submit the Course Registation form via email to the Office of Study Abroad at ( during the registration period to ensure that you are taking a full load of courses while you are abroad and courses that will transfer back to Pitzer for credit. This form should be sent to Pitzer while there is still time to add/drop classes and make sure you are taking an appropriate course load.

Social Responsibility Requirement While Abroad

You are encouraged to seek out volunteer opportunities while abroad as a way of engaging more deeply with your host community. Volunteering often exposes you to a broader range of people from the host culture than you may meet on a university campus – with a broader range of ages, socio-economic status, ethnicity, or religions. Having regular contact with a diverse group of people from the host culture helps to provide other viewpoints and insights about the culture as well as increasing your opportunity to form friendships with local people.

Some volunteer activities can be used to fulfill the social responsibility requirement for graduation. In order to fulfill this requirement abroad, you will need to have the supervisor from your project sign the Pitzer form that states the dates of your volunteer project, the total number of hours that you volunteered and a brief description of your duties in the volunteer project. In programs with an independent study project, you may be involved in an internship that can be counted towards the social responsibility requirement. In other programs, the volunteer work may be an extra curricular activity. For both of these projects, you will need the form described above to fulfill the requirement. In the following specific cases of Pitzer in Ecuador, Pitzer in Italy and the Pitzer Summer Health Program in Costa Rica, the volunteer work is already a defined part of the core course and a passing grade on your transcript for that course is sufficient for receiving credit towards the social responsibility requirement.

Pre-Registration from Abroad for Classes When You Return

Pre-registration for Pitzer students will be done on-line while you are abroad. Around November 15 and April 15, classes for the next semester will be available online. The Registrar’s Office Website has instructions on how to register and the link to the new class schedule. Please note that you can send your course selections by email anytime after courses are available on-line. The Registrar’s Office staff will hold on to your email and register you at the same time you would have registered on campus. If you send your pre-registration information after the dates of pre-registration, the registrar will register you upon receipt of your email but be advised that some courses may be full. If you need a particular course for graduation, you are advised to pre-register as early as possible. If an important course is already full, you can fine tune your schedule once you return to campus and appeal to the professor for entry into the class.