For Students Currently Abroad

Important Registration Information for Next Semester

Information on registration from abroad may be found on the Office of the Registrar's Web pages.

How to Contact the Office of Study Abroad in Claremont

In the event of an emergency while abroad, the best plan is to contact your local program director or other support staff. They are in the best position to assist you with the problem or crisis and will contact your family and the Office of Study Abroad as needed.

If there is a reason for contacting staff in Claremont for an emergency situation, call the office at 909-621-8104 during business hours in California. For emergencies that happen after hours, contact Campus Security at 909-621-8170 and the security staff will locate an Office of Study Abroad staff member.

For non-urgent matters, you may email directly to a specific staff member; however, it is always a good idea to also copy the message to Messages sent to this address are copied to several people in the office and can be easily directed to the person who can best handle your request. Members of the Office of Study Abroad staff may be out of the office due to work-related travel, illness or vacation, so using the office email address will prevent your message from going unread while an individual staff member is out of the office.

Remember to provide us with your contact information (including physical and mailing addresses and cell number if appropriate) while abroad so that we may reach you promptly in the event of an emergency at home or abroad. Most correspondence is via email so be sure to check your official school email account before, during and after study abroad. Send contact information updates to

Health and Safety Reminders

You obtained the recommended immunizations for your program before your departure, but that does not end your responsibility for your health and safety abroad. We want to remind you to pay attention to the health and safety instructions provided by the study abroad or international programs staff during your orientation abroad and the guidelines in the Pre-Departure Orientation Handbook provided by the Office of Study Abroad. You must be more alert to issues of safety while abroad because you are in an unfamiliar culture and behaviors that are relatively safe in your home community in the US can take on increased risk while abroad since you may not understand their implications in your new culture.

You may be of legal drinking age in the host culture and a glass of wine at a meal with your host family may be appropriate; however, you cannot be alert to your own safety if your judgment is impaired by alcohol. Illegal drug use risks severe punishment and prison in most countries. Unprotected sex is a gamble that puts your life and future health in jeopardy. While you are abroad, you are advised to avoid excessive alcohol and any illegal drugs and to refrain from sexual relationships. Not only are these behaviors often culturally inappropriate and/or illegal, they put your health and safety at risk and are choices over which you do have control.

Senior Thesis Research While Abroad

Some students want to develop research projects done abroad into the topic of their senior thesis. If you have become excited about a particular topic while abroad, contact your faculty adviser about information to gather while you are overseas that will enhance your senior thesis.