Nepali Times Recognizes Research by Dan Maxwell, Pitzer in Nepal

Dan Maxwell

Daniel Maxwell joined the Pitzer Nepal program during the spring semester of 2012. Throughout his time in abroad, he particularly enjoyed early morning runs in search of panoramic vistas. Daniel conducted research in the Melamchi Valley, a region affected by a large water infrastructure project. The purpose of the study was to assess the project's social upliftment program - a program intended to improve the livelihoods of locals surrounding the project site. On the field he interviewed various stakeholders, from project planners to the individual farmer. Research sought to find the determinants of a successful social uplifitment program, oriented with a participatory approach. A brief article discussing Daniel's conclusions was published in the Nepali Times.

During the summer, Daniel became involved in a separate social study through the International Water Management Institute (IWMI). He joined a small team of foreigners and Nepalis where he analyzed Kathmandu's water security. The research attempted to identify water-related conflicts, particularly in the context of rapid urbanization. Reports included proposals which promote integrated water resource management with consideration of various stakeholder groups.