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Nepal Independent Study Project Titles

Influences of Altitude on Agriculture and Lifestyles of the Rolwaling Valley Sherpas

People Living With HIV/AIDS in Kathmandu

The Role of Meditation in the Tibetan Buddhist Lineages: A Look at Tibetan Buddhism in Light of a Western Definition of Religion

Tsho Rolpa: The Science, Superstition, and Politics behind Nepal’s Largest Glacial Lake

Lhava vs. Jhankri: Differences in Nepali and Tibetan Shamanism

Food Beliefs and Concepts of Nutrition in Kathmandu Valley and the Impact on Women and Children's Health

The Elephants of Chitwan

Buddhism, As I See It: A Bodhisattva’s First-Hand Account of Buddhists’ Lives Lived in a Monastery

Nepali Shamanism, Tibetan Medicine, and Ayurvedic Medicine in Nepal

The Wandering Soul: Funerary Rituals in the Social Context of Village Life among the Sherpas and Tamangs in Simigaau

“Be Careful Out There… There’s Witches You Know”: An Account of Beliefs and Stories about Witches from Lamabagar and Simigaau

"Leaving Jharkot

A Study of the Emigration from Jharkot Settlement, Mustang District, Nepal"

Alternative Ways of Looking at Development: A Pseudo Case Study of the Work of Anil Chitrakar

Shortening the Hem Lines - A Look at Fashion Beliefs in Kathmandu

"A ""People's"" War: Pawns in the Battle for Nepal's Future The Impact of the Nepali Civil War on the Residents of Simigaon, Nepal"

The Language Speaks: Case Study of Ethnic Relations and Language Dynamics in a Multilingual Village in Nepal

Modernization is in the Eye of the Beholder: A Case Study of Development in the Village of Bandipur

“Beings like Gods” Stories, beliefs, and superstitions concerning Simigaau ghosts

Let's Talk About Sex, Baby: An Exploratory Study on Sex and Sexuality in Nepali Relationships and Marriages

Community Structure, Relationships Within it, and Responsibility towards it: a Case-study about these Issues in

One Middle Hill Village in Nepal

To Heal, to Protect, to Give Hope: A Case Study of the Work of Jhankris in Simigaun

Women, Work and Food: The Central Aspects of the Daily Life of the Sherpa/Tamang Women of Simigau.

Tsho Rolpa: The Science, Flood Hazard Mitigation Projects, and the Local Perceptions of Tsho Rolpa, Nepal's
Largest Glacial Lake

International Labor Migration in Nepal

Fighting Education: Methods of Overcoming Obstacles in Higher Secondary Schools in Bandipur, Nepal

Pharmacies in Nepal:  Drug Dispensation and Free Healthcare, How Does It Work and Where is it Going?

Going into the Field to Discover the Fields: Transition for Langtang Area Hill Farmers

Tourism and Societal Configuration: Business, Competition, Rules, and Social Changes in Langtang, Nepal

Woodcarving In The Newar Village of Bughamati

Dirty Messy Dance: An Exploration of the Dance Restaurants of Kathmandu

Tailored Living in Kathmandu. Made to Fit.

Public and Private Schools in Kathmandu:  Unraveling Issues of Family, Class and Hope of the City's Class Ten Students

The Changing Role of Livestock Management in the Economy and Ecology of Simigaau, Nepal

Person and Place

The Language of Learning: A Look at Teaching Methods in Four Rasuwa-Tamang Schools

Nepali Politics and the Press: Facilitating Consensus or Inviting Disaster?

"Birthing Practices in Nepal: The Implications of Traditional and Modern Practices for Urban and Rural Women"

The Business of Religion:  Thankga Painting in the Contemporary Context

From Bottom to Top: Nepal's Peace Process and PLA Integration as Seen From all Ranks of the Nepali Political Machine

Eco-Undertones in Nepali Religious Tradition

Marriage and Sexual Practices of Simigaau, Nepal

Chang Goggles: A Glimpse into Sherpa and Tamang Drinking Culture Through the Lens of Alchohol

Rote Memorization and SLC: A Brief Look at the Current State of Education in Nepal

The Sickle and the Cleaver:  A Look into the Efficiency, Health and Sustainability of the Newari Food Production

Skilled Labor Castes

What Do They Do and To What Do They Aspire?

The End of Freak Street: Drug Abuse in Nepal: History, Treatment and Policy

Community and Grassroots Democracy

Dukha Nani, Dukha - My Search for Depression in Alampu

The Yarchagumba and the Buddha: Life in the Village of Nar