International Exchanges
(Pitzer Students Only)

Canada: Quebec - English

Program Title Pitzer Exchange with CREPUQ Institutions in Quebec, Canada; English Speaking Universities
Location The province of Quebec, Canada
Host Website Bishop's University -
Concordia University -
Eligibility Bishop’s and Concordia offer all coursework in English. Students must be in good standing at Pitzer College. Preference given to juniors and first semester seniors but sophomores are eligible if space is available.
Preparation Any area studies course, if available. Since few courses at The Claremont Colleges have an emphasis on Canada, general preparation options include: Comparative Politics, Intercultural Communications, Introduction to International/ Intercultural Studies, Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology
Application Pitzer College general application and the individual university forms
Program Dates Fall semester: Late August to Late December
Spring semester: Early January to Late May
Note: Dates vary at each school. In general, dates are similar to US college semesters. Consult individual college websites for details.
Required Courses Participants are expected to take one course that includes content on Canadian history, politics, literature or culture and the Pitzer Sakai course Intercultural Learning: Portfolio Writing.
Intensive Language No beginning level French classes are available.
Independent Study See a Study Abroad Adviser.
Other Course Options The Universities offer broad curricular offerings with particular strengths in biological sciences, environmental science, and the social sciences.
Credit Possible Students must take a full course load of 16 units while abroad in order to earn 4 course credits at Pitzer. In addition, students will earn 0.5 Pitzer course credit for the Sakai course. See above under Required Courses.
Housing Options Students locate their own housing in Montreal for Concordia University. Dormitory arrangements are available for Bishop’s University.
Advising Notes Early application deadline. Applicants should complete the application before Pitzer’s final deadline. Consult an adviser for details. Up to two students can be accepted per year for the entire CREPUQ exchange (not for each university).