Costa Rica Homestays
Advanced Spanish and Internship Track

Family Stays

Costa Rican host family stays provide a window into the culture as the families include students in their daily lives and introduce students to relatives from a variety of age groups and backgrounds. Through discussions with the family, students begin to give a human face to important issues and ideas covered in their courses. Often relationships developed with host family members turn into friendships that last long past the end of the program.

Students will have two eight-week family stays. The first will be in the capital city of San José while students study Spanish intensively at ICADS and participate in an internship and an ethnographic field methods class. The second family stay will be with a more rural family in one of the small communities near the Firestone Center. Rural homes are usually smaller with simple amenities and less chance for privacy.  Students are encouraged to see their host family members as co-educators and take full advantage of the opportunity for these relationships to enrich their language and culture learning as well as contribute to their knowledge of the specific topics and issues studied throughout the semester.