Pitzer in China Academics

Study Trips

To deepen students’ understanding of topics covered in the Chinese Society and Culture course, they will travel to various locations in China. Destinations may change from semester to semester, but the two major trips aim to expose them to one of China’s remote provinces where their can observe the daily life of ethnic minority groups and a trip to the heartland of Han civilization to visit historic sites and cultural attractions. Past trips have included:

Hangzhou and Jiangnan area
Known as the “paradise on the earth” and encompassing the Yangtse River delta and including Shanghai, this is an area of natural beauty powered by cultural and economic strength. Historically the trading centers for salt, tea and silk, today the Jiangnan region still serves as the national center of trade and finance.

A city of ancient elegance, Xi’an, has witnessed the glories of Zhou, Qin, Han and Tang dynasties. The city wall built in the Ming Dynasty is still kept in its original form. View the Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses, first discovered in the 1970s by a local farmer. In the old city, students will feel a strong touch of Islamic culture brought by immigrants from the West during ancient times, who maintain their traditional lifestyle and religious activities.

The center for the Bodhisattva of Wisdom, Wutaishan is shaped by both Han and Tibetan traditions in this concentration of 47 temples, monasteries, and nunneries.

Kaili in Guizhou
With a mix of beautiful landscape and well preserved Miao villages, Kaili presents a vivid example of China’s diversity in ethnic cultures. Due to the difficulty in transportation in this mountainous province, regions like Kaili, have been turned into “reservations.” This trip is a dramatic contrast after your days in Beijing.