Study Abroad

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Study Trips

To deepen your understanding of topics covered in the core course, you will travel to various locations in Botswana. Destinations may change from semester to semester, but past excursions have included:

Kasane and Chobe National Park

Pitzer in Botswana

This diverse and popular park takes in a range of ecological zones from the lush, elephant-rich Chobe River and surrounding savannas to the Mopane Forest of Ngwezumba. A multi-day safari/camping trip provides an opportunity to view a variety of habitats and an abundance of big game.

Victoria Falls, Zambia

The Zambezi River is nearly a mile wide when it drops more than 100 yards down a sheer chasm, sending a cloud of mist a mile high.

Local Trips

Visits in and around Gaborone have included the National Botanical Garden and History Centre, Gabane and Thamanga Pottery, and the Livingstone Memorial Monument.