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The following links provide a range of resources to assist students in their research. Please keep in mind that students are required to submit a detailed work cited page with their essay. All photos must also be cited! Any student suspected of plagiarism will be immediately disqualified.

STUDENTS! Check out the sample PowerPoint essay. This was done by a student at Alta Loma High School. What I loved about this essay was that this student found a story. The topic of the assignment was “The Vietnam War”. Most students submitted essays on the causes and effects or a review of major battles….not this student! He found a unique angle and did the research. The images really bring the story alive- so does the custom animation etc… So as you are looking through these sites, try to understand the basic issue, then look for a specific story that appeals to you.

Stalker’s Guide to International Migration (a good intro site that covers why and how people move plus the impact of that movement)

December 18

Refugees International

International Organization for Migration

International Migration

Institute for the Study of International Migration-Georgetown University

Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development

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