Pitzer Exchange Programs | Applications & Forms

Pitzer Exchange Programs
for Incoming International and Domestic Exchange Students

Pitzer College is committed to offering exchanges as another way of significantly expanding the breadth of Pitzer College’s study abroad offerings in a way that is both financially sustainable and attentive to issues of reciprocity with local and international Colleges and Universities. We partner with institutions that share a commitment to promoting and expanding international understanding, development, and friendship, as well as stimulating and supporting educational, professional and intercultural activities and projects among their respective students, faculty and staff. Additionally, exchanges are a concrete way of demonstrating Pitzer’s core values of Social Responsibility, Intercultural Understanding, Interdisciplinary Learning, Student Engagement, and Environmental Sustainability.

Exchanges have facilitated the global/local discourse in general and particularly in two areas of Pitzer’s academic strength—intercultural understanding and social responsibility.

Exchanges also provide the opportunity for an increasing number of faculty transnational collaborations that give leadership to curriculum development for the programs and establishes exchanges in different geographical regions. In addition, through the presence of outstanding international students from those regions on campus, exchanges greatly enhance the cultural and linguistic diversity of the Pitzer community.

International students can study at Pitzer for a semester or a full year on exchange according to the contractual agreement between the home institution and our College. There are four main models of exchange and they differ according to the contractual agreement between Pitzer College and the Partner University:

  • 1. Tuition waiver where tuition remains at the home institution and room and board paid at Pitzer College
  • 2. Tuition and room are waived because they are paid at home and board is paid at Pitzer
  • 3. Tuition, room and board are waived as these fees are paid at the home institution
  • 4. Tuition, room and board waiver plus an access scholarship for underrepresented groups

Prospective applicants must work in concert with their home school study abroad office in order to determine the exchange model their school is in. All applicants come through the institutional offices. No direct enrollment on the exchange is possible and all correspondence must be conducted with and through your own home institution’s officials.