Student Learning Outcomes

  • 1. Identify and articulate the interplay of macro and micro level structural forces and the influence of culture in shaping behavior
  • 2. Understand the power dynamics in the social construction of society and its intersectionality with race, class, gender, sexuality and nationality
  • 3. Recognize and communicate effectively about institutional challenges to and opportunities for freedom and democracy
  • 4. Understand the stratified nature of globalization and the importance of intercultural differences within and between local and global communities
  • 5. Identify, describe, and apply core sociological theories/perspectives to sociological phenomena
  • 6. Understand and describe the connection between sociological theory and methods in a cogent manner
  • 7. Understand and distinguish quantitative and qualitative research methods and identify their strengths and weaknesses
  • 8. Incorporate ethical considerations into research and other scholarly practices