The Sociology Field Group (our name for "departments") is a dynamic, diverse, and distinctive group of faculty, students, and alumni. We take pride in our teaching, devoting attention to students' learning, developing ways of integrating students in community programs and research experiences.

In spite of our small size, we offer a wide range of classes! Find out more about our major, what courses you need to complete an undergraduate degree in sociology, and the kinds of courses you can take even if you decide not to major in sociology.

Most of our sociology courses are organized in two broad categories: foundation courses that are fundamental to the discipline of sociology (Category A) and courses that address social issues and social policies (Category B). Courses numbered over 100 are considered upper division courses and they have prerequisites or require the permission of the instructor [see individual course descriptions]. Another set of courses (Category C), open only to senior majors, is designed to allow students to practice the craft of sociology by engaging in an original research project (quantitative, qualitative, and/or theoretical). Students will normally complete the research as part of the requirements of the Senior Seminar (199a). Another option is to complete a research project or thesis as an Advanced Independent Research Study (199b) under the direction of a Pitzer sociology faculty member.


The sociology faculty are dedicated teachers committed to undergraduate education and come from a wide-range of backgrounds with a variety of interests.

Come see what we are doing, who we are, and how to interact with us.

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