Organizational Studies
Student Learning Outcomes

Objectives for Majors in Organizational Studies

  • 1. Organizational Studies majors will correctly identify human interactions in organizations and workplaces according to social science perspectives from the fields of organizational behavior and organizational theory.
  • 2. Organizational Studies majors will apply integrative concepts and perspectives from psychology, sociology, economics and political studies to specific organizations and to participants in them using case studies or analytic observations.
  • 3. Organizational Studies majors will describe distinctive elements of organizational culture, social influence, interpersonal communication, and organizational change as applied to work settings.
  • 4. Organizational Studies majors will attain competent knowledge in a thematic area within the major.
  • 5. Organizational Studies majors will demonstrate critical awareness of the influence of organizations in society in the context of at least one of the following: class and social stratification, gender, power, community and economic development, technology, alternative organizational forms, critical theory, an industry such as education, law or health care.
  • 6. Organizational Studies majors will accurately select and apply qualitative and quantitative research findings to case studies, and demonstrate basic knowledge of probability and statistics.