Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures

The Modern Languages curricula of The Claremont Colleges are based on intercollegiate cooperative arrangements among the five Claremont Colleges. As part of these arrangements, students may register for lower-division language courses at any of The Claremont Colleges, provided the courses have not been closed to further registration. Although Pitzer students normally enroll in courses at their own college, they may register at any of the other four colleges if scheduling requires, or when the specific course is not offered at Pitzer.

Language, literature and culture are the essential components of this interdisciplinary field group which places emphasis on oral and written expression and critical thinking. The field group brings together faculty with expertise in broad areas of international studies.

The Modern Languages, Literature and Cultures Field Group offers a major in Spanish. The Claremont Colleges Coordinated Modern Languages Program provides courses in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Spanish. The field group als o offers courses in Spanish literature and culture and in writing, in English language studies.

For English and other world literature in translation, see English and World Literature.

Asian Languages and Literatures

Chinese, Japanese, Korean

For major requirements and course descriptions, please see appropriate listing below.

European Languages

French, German Studies, Language Acquisition Courses, Literature and Culture Courses, Italian, Russian, Spanish

For major requirements and course descriptions, please see appropriate listings.

Spanish Major

The major in Spanish is based on the concept that language is a social practice. It emphasizes the use of language to explore interdisciplinary content, affirms the intrinsic relationship between language and culture, and stresses the participation of three different tracks: one focuses on literature; the second focuses on the interplay between language and culture; and the third incoroprates an additional area of study, for example, environmental or urban studies, health, education, art, gender, and feminist studies, or media. More on the Spanish major at Pitzer.

Pitzer Adviser: Ethel Jorge

For more on specific languages, information is available at these Websites.

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Chinese (Pomona)
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German Studies (Pomona, Scripps)
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Japanese (Pomona)
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