Molecular Biology

This interdisciplinary major is focused on biology and the physical sciences and incorporates a significant amount of mathematics. The major is research oriented and is designed to prepare students for graduate studies or medical school, as well as careers in biotechnology and the pharmaceutical industry.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students completing a major in the Keck Science Department should demonstrate the ability to:

  • 1. Use foundational principles to analyze problems in nature.
  • 2. Develop hypotheses and test them using quantitative techniques.
  • 3. Articulate applications of science in the modern world.
  • 4. Effectively communicate scientific concepts both verbally and in writing.

Additional learning outcomes for the molecular biology major:

  • 1. Discuss and analyze original scientific research articles on molecular biology topics.
  • 2. Interpret data, including identification of control versus experimental samples.
  • 3. Design controlled experiments to test specific hypotheses on a molecular biology topic.

Learn more about the Molecular Biology major at the Keck Science Department Website.