Art Field Group
Student Learning Outcomes

Art History

  • 1. Gain knowledge of the theory, history, and philosophy of art.
  • 2. Gain an understanding of art objects and traditions in their historical contexts and across cultures.
  • 3. Learn how to communicate effectively about art works in both written and oral forms
  • 4. Learn how to conduct research in art history.
  • 5. Attain the skills and knowledge to pursue a productive career or further education in art history, or a related field.

Studio Art

Our graduates will:

  • 1. Develop diverse formal and conceptual vocabularies.
  • 2. Learn to select appropriate materials, techniques and concepts in order to create informed, intentional and communicative works of art.
  • 3. Learn to refine, revise, and think critically about their work and that of their peers.
  • 4. Understand their work within the context of art history and global contemporary artistic practice.
  • 5. Attain the ability and confidence to articulate, verbally and through the written word their unique point of view.
  • 6. Display professionalism in the documentation and presentation of their work.