Art Field Group

Pitzer Advisers: T. Berg, C. Ennis, J. McCoy, T. Krajnak, B. Anthes (Art History & Studio Art).

Studio Art

In studio art, the relation of the artist-teacher to the students precludes the possibility of overly specific course descriptions, other than general indications of media and level of advancement. However, it is important to note that entry-level courses assume no prior knowledge. First-year students are encouraged to enroll in these classes. Lower division studio art courses focus on the development of individual ideas in the context of class assignments. Additionally, but no less important is acquiring an understanding of tools, materials and techniques for the successful manifestations of those ideas. The artist-teacher  presents material from her/his experience, convictions, technical knowledge and aesthetic sensibilities in the order and at the rate which, in her/his judgment will best related to the needs of the class and the individual student. Classroom activities are placed in the context of an historical perspective. Ample opportunity  for dialogue among the students and artist-teacher  is encouraged. The advanced studio course offerings have prerequisites and as such, are oriented toward more complex problem-solving and projects, both for the individual and for the group.

Art History

A major in art history at Pitzer College invites students to understand the history of art through interdisciplinary approaches, a global outlook and an interest in ethnic and gender diversity. Through the Five College Coordinated Art History Program, Pitzer College cooperates with Pomona College and Scripps College in offering courses in the history of African, Asian, European and North American art. Course offerings are designed to provide students with a broad grounding in the history of art, with attention to European as well as non-European traditions and to invite students to learn to analyze artworks in their complex relations to cultural, historical, political and philosophical/spiritual contexts. Specialties of art history faculty in the Five colleges Coordinated Art History Program include architecture and fresco painting in Italy; the art of Africa and of artists of African descent in the Americas; the history of cities and gardens; issues of gender and the body in Early Modern art; the social history of North American art, including the United States, Canada, Mexico and Native American traditions, from the 16th century to the present and contemporary art as a global discourse.

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