Faculty of the Pitzer-Scripps Program

Emily Chao (Pitzer)
Professor of Anthropology, 1996.
B.A., University of California; M.A., New School for Social Research; Ph.D., University of Michigan
Specialization: China, cultural anthropology, ritual, gender, history, national discourse.

Lara Deeb (Scripps)
Chair, Department of Anthropology, Scripps College
Associate Professor of Anthropology, 2008.
Ph.D. and M.A., Anthropology, Emory University
Specialization: Gender and sexuality; religion, especially Islam; modernities; time/temporalities; memorialization and history; youth; leisure and space; Middle East Studies

Lêda L. Martins (Pitzer)
Associate Professor of Anthropology, 2004.
Ph.D., Cornell University.
Specialization: Cultural anthropology, Amazonian indigenous peoples, indigenous movements, political economy, inter-ethnic relations, political ecology, health; South America.

Sheryl Miller (Pitzer)
Professor of Anthropology and Distinguished Teaching Chair in Archaeology and Biological Anthropology, 1969.
B.A., Occidental College; M.A., Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley.
Specialization: African archaeology; world prehistory; human evolution; African and Native American ethnography; cultural ecology; ethnic arts.

Lee Munroe (Pitzer, Emeritus Faculty)
Research Professor of Anthropology, 1964.
Ph.D., Harvard University.
Specialization: Cross-cultural human development

Dan Segal (Pitzer)
Jean M. Pitzer Professor of Anthropology and Professor of Historical Studies, 1986.
B.A., Cornell University; M.A., University of Chicago; Ph.D, University of Chicago.
Specialization: The Caribbean; post-Columbian world history; schooling and professional-managerial classes

Susan Seymour (Pitzer, Emeritus Faculty)
Professor Emerita of Anthropology, 1974.
B.A., Stanford University; Ph.D., Harvard University.

Claudia Strauss (Pitzer)
Professor of Anthropology, 2000.
A.B., Brown University; A.M., Ph.D., Harvard University.
Specialization: U.S. political culture; psychological anthropology; language, culture and society.

Seo Young Park (Scripps)
Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Specialization: Urban space, gender and labor, market and value, time and temporalities, East Asia.