Student Learning Outcomes
Office of Graduate Fellowships

Through their interactions with the Office of Graduate Fellowships, students will learn the following:

(1) To develop original ideas for fellowship opportunities that connect with one or more of the educational objectives of Pitzer College, including intercultural understanding, interdisciplinary perspective, social responsibility, understanding in depth, and written expression.

(2) To begin early in their undergraduate career to lay the groundwork for establishing the criteria that make a competitive applicant:

  • --outstanding academic record (GPA 3.7 or higher]
  • --substantial intellectual or creative projects
  • --evidence of leadership and public service
  • --building faculty relationships

(3) To select appropriate scholarships/fellowships by identifying what part a particular award will play in the attainment of future educational and career goals.

(4) To write a coherent, compelling, and succinct fellowship proposal, personal statement, and abstract.

(5) To collaborate with others throughout the application process, giving constructive feedback to peers on draft proposals and effectively incorporating feedback from advisers and peers on subsequent draft proposals.

(6) To prioritize tasks and effectively manage the deadlines and logistics involved in applying for fellowships.

(7) To present themselves eloquently and professionally in an interview setting through mock interviews and contact with previous awardees.