Faculty Achievements

Faculty Achievements 2011-2012
Media Coverage

Tim Berg (Art)
Professor Berg's "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow (Cherry)," was featured in The Dallas Morning News, Guide, Arts: Museums & Galleries, April 13-19, 2012.

Professor Berg's works, "Enjoy it...while it lasts," "Get 'em 'fore they're gone," "Something for Nothing," and "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow (Cherry) and (Grape)," were included in the edited volume, Eat Me: Appetite for Design (Hong Kong: Viction Workshop Ltd., 2012) With Rebekah Myers.

Keller, Caitlin. "Food and the Art of Consumption exhibition at Cal State Fullerton," Los Angeles Times, October 12, 2011.

Merino, Anthony. Politics of Perception: Post-Foucauldian Ceramics. Kindle eBook, 2011.

Nigel Boyle (Political Studies)
Professor Boyle was noted in The Huffington Post on June 8, 2012, in an article by Derek Shearer titled, "Can Sports Save the World? Reflections of a Former Little Leaguer on Sports, Diplomacy, and Globalization."

Melissa Coleman (Keck Science Department)
Professor Coleman's 2011 co-authored piece, "Neural Mechanisms for the Coordination of Duet Singing in Wrens," which appeared in Science, received considerable press, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, the Associated Press, the CBC and several international news sites.

Ciara Ennis (Pitzer Art Galleries)
Cheh, Carol. "Liz Glynn," Artillery Magazine, vol. 6, no. 5 (June/July 2012).

Taft, Catherine. "Liz Glynn: Pitzer Art Galleries," Artforum (April 2012).

Shaw, Michael. "Preview of Exhibitions: Liz Glynn," ArtScene: The Monthly Digest to Art in Southern California, vol. 31, no. 6 (January, 2012).

Michno, Christopher. "Out of Bounds: Curators Make Their Mark in the Inland Empire," Artillery Magazine (July/August 2011).

Dambrot, Shana Nys. "Marcus Coates' Journey to the Lower World at Pitzer College Art Galleries: Can Deer Antlers Solve America's Housing Problem?" Best Art I Saw All Week: LA Weekly (December 9, 2011).

Melinda Herrold-Menzies (Environmental Analysis)
Professors of Environmental Analysis Melinda Herrold-Menzies and Brinda Sarathy were both cited in "Sea Change: What Happened When the Pacific Ocean Went Global," KCET.org, April 4, 2012.

Jesse Lerner (Media Studies)
Professor Lerner's curatorial collaboration with Rubén Ortiz Torres, titled Mex/LA: "Mexican" Modernism(s) in Los Angeles, 1930-1985, was reviewed in "A New Pin on the Art Map," by Roberta Smith, which appeared in The New York Times on November 13, 2011 ("amazing … rambunctious … among the most exciting, open-ended achievements of Pacific Standard Time"); "PST Encounters," by Sharon Mizota, Los Angeles Times, November 16, 2011; and "Laying Claim to a Place in the Sun," by Peter Plagens, Wall Street Journal, October 13, 2011, among others.

Ming-Yuen S. Ma (Media Studies)
Professor Ma's video work was covered extensively in a 2012 article titled, "Tongue Twisters: The Travelogue Videos of Ming-Yuen S. Ma," which appeared in the Camera Obscura, an academic journal on feminism, culture and media studies (vol. 27, no. 1). A still from Professor Ma's video, Slanted Vision, was featured on the journal cover.

Jessica McCoy (Art)
Professor McCoy's mosaic murals on display at the Expo/Vermont Metro Station in Los Angeles were featured in LA Weekly on April 25, 2012.

Robert (Lee) Munroe (Research Professor of Anthropology)
Professor Munroe's in-depth study of the impact of climate on language was featured in the cover story, "Powers of Babel," which appeared in the December 2011 issue of The New Scientist magazine. The article, by David Robson, cites Munroe's findings that people in warmer climates tend to use more vowels than people in colder climates.

Professor Munroe's findings on the effects of open-fire cooking and brain development in children were reported in "Open Fire Cooking Linked to Lower Cognitive Performance in Children," Daily RX, June 5, 2012; "Study shows open-fire smoke harms young brains," The Press-Enterprise, June 3, 2012; "Open-fire Cooking May Affect Child Cognitive Development," UCR Today, May 31, 2012.

Dan Segal (Anthropology)
Professor Segal was cited in "Not Feeling the Kinship," which appeared in Inside Higher Ed on November 18, 2011.

Professor Segal was also quoted in The Chronicle of Higher Education on November 17, 2011 in a piece titled, "Anthropologists Seek a More Nuanced Place for Science."

Phil Zuckerman (Sociology)
A November 20, 2011 piece titled, "Secular Studies Gains Disciples," and featuring Professor Zuckerman, appeared in The Chronicle of Higher Education.