Faculty Achievements 2010-2011
Scholarly Publications





Judith Grabiner (Mathematics)
A Historian Looks Back: The Calculus as Algebra and Selected Writings. Washington DC: Mathematical Association of America, 2010.

Alex Juhasz (Media Studies)
Learning from YouTube. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press, 2011.

Mary Hatcher-Skeers (Chemistry)
Pocket Guide to Biomolecular NMR. New York, NY: Springer, 2011. With Michaeleen Doucleff and Nicole J. Crane.

Jesse Lerner (Media Studies)
The Maya of Modernism. Albuquerque, NM: University of New Mexico Press, 2011.

Ronald Macaulay (Linguistics, Emeritus)
Seven Ways of Looking at Language. Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave Macmillan, 2011.

Laura Skandera Trombley (President/English and World Literature)
Mark Twain's Other Woman: The Hidden Story of His Final Years. Paperback version from Vintage Books, New York, NY, 2011.


Brent Armendinger (English and World Literature)
"A la Recherche d'Rechercher," text and image collages, Court Green, vol. 1, no. 8 (March 2011). With Benjamin Fife.

"This Is What I Have Been Made For," poetry, Volt, vol. 1, no. 16 (April 2011).

"For Mount Baldy," "What Is a Prayer," and "Catch and Release," poetry, Prism Review, vol. 1, no. 13 (May 2011).

"Thieves' Cant," poetry, LIT, vol. 1, no. 20 (June 2011).

Michael Ballagh (Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures)
"The Ethnorelative Engineer: Culturally Immersive Study Abroad Programs for Engineering Students," IIE Networker: The Journal of the Institute of International Education (Spring 2011). With Rhonda Chiles and Mike Donahue.

Martha Bárcenas-Mooradian (Community Engagement Center)
"La Faz Social de un Huracán: Un Modelo de Opresión, Turismo, y Lucha en Cancún," in Ana Rosa Duarte and Byrt Wammack Weber, eds., Género en la Época de la Globalización: Miradas desde el Mundo Maya. Mexico: Editorial Plaza y Valdez and Universidad de Mérida, 2011. With Lourdes Arguelles.

Tim Berg (Art)
"The Convergence of Parallel Tangents," Interpreting Ceramics, no. 12 (2010).

Nigel Boyle (Political Studies)
"Coaxing Fulbright Applications from Non-traditional Students," Fulbright Program Adviser Newsletter (June 2011).

"Die vielen Gesichter aktivierender Arbeitsmarktpolitik—Deutschlands Hartz-Reformen im europäischen Vergleich" (The Many Faces of Welfare-to-Work Policy—Germany's Activation of the Hartz Reforms in Comparative European Perspective), Sozialer Fortschritt (the German Review of Social Policy), vol. 60, no. 9 (2011). With Wolf Schünemann.

"What Soccer Teaches Us about Europe, and What European Studies Teaches Us about Soccer," Connections: European Studies Annual Review, vol. 7 (2011).

José Zapata Calderón (Sociology and Chicana/o-Latina/o Studies, Emeritus)
"Perspective-Taking as a Tool for Building Democratic Societies," Diversity and Democracy: Civic Learning for Shared Futures, vol. 14, no. 1 (2010).

Ciara Ennis (Art)
"Unfolding Architecture: Interview between British artist Emily Speed and Curator Ciara Ennis," Mousse Magazine Extra Content (September 2010).

Carmen Fought (Linguistics)
"Contact and Ethnicity," R. Hickey, ed., The Handbook of Language Contact. Oxford, UK: Blackwell Publishers, 2010.

"Language as a Representation of Mexican American Identity," English Today, vol. 26 (2010).

Sarah Gilman (Biology)
"A Framework for Community Interactions under Climate Change," Trends in Ecology and Evolution, vol. 25, no. 6 (April 2010). With Mark Urban, Joshua Tewksbury, George Gilchrist and Robert Holt.

"Heating up Relations between Cold Fish: Competition Modifies Responses to Climate Change," Journal of Animal Ecology, vol. 80, no. 3 (May 2011). With Mark Urban, Robert Holt and Joshua Tewksbury.

Judith Grabiner (Mathematics)
"Why Did Lagrange 'Prove' the Parallel Postulate?" [reprinted from American Mathematical Monthly] in Mircea Pitici, ed., Best Writing in Mathematics: 2010. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 2010.

"How to Teach Your Own Liberal Arts Mathematics Course," Journal of Humanistic Mathematics, vol. 1, no. 1 (January 2011).

David Hansen (Chemistry)
"Jeremy Randall Knowles CBE. 28 April 1935–3 April 2008," Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, vol. 56 (2010). With Robert J. P. Williams.

Geoffrey Herrera (Political Studies)
"The Persian Gulf War," in Richard Valelly, ed., Encyclopedia of U.S. Political History: Volume 7, The Clash of Conservatism and Liberalism. Washington DC: CQ Press, 2010.

Melinda Herrold-Menzies (Environmental Analysis)
"Reading the Tea Leaves—Interpreting the Meaning and Significance of China's Climate Commitments: Blog Review of China Environmental Law and the Green Leap Forward," Asian Politics and Policy, vol. 2, no. 4 (Fall 2010).

"Muraviovka Residents and Muraviovka Park," Zhuravl' (March 2011).

Carina Johnson (History)
"Aztec Regalia and the Reformation of Display," in Daniela Bleichmar and Peter C. Mancall, eds., Collecting Across Cultures: Material Exchanges in the Early Modern Atlantic World. Philadelphia, PA: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2011.

Ethel Jorge (Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures)
"Assessing the Value of a Community-based Approach to Language and Cultural Learning: A Longitudinal Study," Journal of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, vol. 11, no. 1 (January 2011).

Alex Juhasz (Media Studies)
"AIDS Activist Movement" and "Feminist Movement Media" in John Downing, ed., The Encyclopedia of Social Movement Media. London, UK: Sage Press, 2010.

"Alexandra Juhasz, Interview on Learning from YouTube," in Bill Moggridge, ed., Designing Media. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press, 2010.

"On the Online Publishing and Re-Purposing of Learning from YouTube," Enculturation: A Journal of Rhetoric, Writing, and Culture, no. 8 (2010).

"A Lesbian Collective Aesthetic: Making and Teaching the OWLS," Films for the Feminist Classroom, vol. 2, no. 1 (Spring 2010).

"AIDS Video: To Dream and Dance with the Censor," Jump Cut: A Review of Contemporary Media, no. 52 (Summer 2010).

"Distraction Span: Technologies of Productive Disruption," The New Everyday: A MediaCommons Project, April 5–December 1, 2011. With Brian Goldfarb.

"A Truly New Genre," Inside Higher Education (May 31, 2011).

Brian L. Keeley (Philosophy and Science; Technology and Society)
"Sensory Modality (Philosophy)," in E. Bruce Goldstein, ed., Encyclopedia of Perception. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, 2010.

"What is the Sixth Sense—Electroreception?" in David Howes, ed., Sixth Sense Abcderium. Oxford, UK: Berg Publishers, 2010.

"Career Advice: Getting a Job in Philosophy," Inside Higher Education (June 20, 2011).

Leah Light (Psychology)
"Memory Development across the Life Span," in W.F. Overton and R.M. Lerner, eds., The Handbook of Life-Span Development. Volume 1: Cognition, Biology, and Methods. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, 2010. With P.A. Ornstein.

"Effects of Repetition on Associative Recognition: Item and Associative Strengthening," Psychology and Aging, vol. 26, no. 1 (2011). With N.G. Buchler, P. Faunce, N. Gottfredson and L.M. Reder.

Ming-Yuen S. Ma (Media Studies)
"Specters of Memory: An Artist Statement (Displaced)," in Gina Marchetti and Tan See-Kam, eds., Hong Kong Screenscapes. Hong Kong: University of Hong Kong Press, 2011.

Ronald Macaulay (Linguistics, Emeritus)
"Dialect," in Mirjam Fried, Jan-Ola Östman and Jeff Verschueren, eds., Variation and Change: Pragmatic Perspectives. Amsterdam, Netherlands: John Benjamins, 2010.

"Book Drop," Chronicle of Higher Education, vol. 56 (May 22, 2011).

Milton Machuca (Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures)
"Afro-Latin Americans," Visual Anthropology, vol. 23, no. 4 (July–September 2010).

Ntongela Masilela (Creative Studies)
"The Significance of the New African Movement," The Thinker, vol. 22 (December 2010).

Kathryn Miller (Art)
Descriptions and images of the artist's work were included in the following books.

"The Grasslands Project" (Melbourne, Australia), in Judith Rugg, Exploring Site Specific Art: Issues of Space and Internationalism. London, UK: IB Taurus Publishers, 2010.

"Seed Bombs (1991–2002)," in Ethel Seno, ed., Trespass: A History of Uncommissioned Urban Art. Köln, Germany: Taschen, 2010.

John Milton (Biology)
"Epileptic Seizures: Quakes of the Brain?" Physical Review E, vol. 82, no. 2 (August 2010). With I. Osorio, M. G. Frei, D. Sornette and Y.C. Lai.

"Team Research at the Biology-Mathematics Interface: Project Management Perspectives," CBE Life Sciences Education, vol. 9 (September 2010). With A. E. Radunskaya, A. H. Lee, L. G. de Pillis and D. F. Bartlett.

"Projective Clustering Using Neural Networks with Adaptive Delay and Signal Transmission Loss," Neural Computation, vol. 23 (June 2011). With J. Wu, H. Zivari-Piran and J. D. Hunter.

"Spreading Depression Sends Microglia on Lévy Flights," PLoS ONE, vol. 6, no. 4 (April 2011). With Y. Grinberg and R. P. Kraig.

"Neurodynamics and Ion Channels: A Tutorial," in I. Osorio, H.P. Zanvari, M.G. Frei and S. Arthurs, eds., Epilepsy: The Intersection of Neurosciences, Biology, Mathematics, Engineering and Physics. New York, NY: CRC Press, Francis & Taylor, 2011.

"Nocturnal Frontal Lobe Epilepsy: Metastability in a Dynamic Disease?" in I. Osorio, H.P. Zanvari, M.G. Frei and S. Arthurs, eds., Epilepsy: The Intersection of Neurosciences, Biology, Mathematics, Engineering and Physics. New York, NY: CRC Press, Francis & Taylor, 2011. With A. Quan and I. Osorio.

David Moore (Psychology)
"Neural Re-use: A Source of Developmental Homology," Behavioral and Brain Sciences, vol. 33, no. 4 (October 2010). With Chris Moore.

"Mental Rotation of Dynamic, Three-dimensional Stimuli by 3-month-old Infants," Infancy, vol. 16, no. 4 (July 2011). With Scott P. Johnson.

Lee Munroe (Research Professor of Anthropology)
"Following the Whitings: The Study of Male Pregnancy Symptoms," Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, vol. 41, no. 4 (July 2010).

Harmony O'Rourke (History)
"'I am not his slave': Contesting Marriage among the Hausa on a Cameroonian Frontier, c. 1920–1955," in Toyin Falola and Bessie House-Soremekun, eds., Gender, Sexuality, and Mothering in Africa. Trenton, NJ: Africa World Press, 2011.

Dan Segal (Anthropology and History)
"World History: Departures and Variations," in Douglas Northrop, ed., A Companion to World History. Oxford, UK: Wiley-Blackwell, 2011. With Kenneth Pomeranz.

"Sempre fedele al genere umano," Contemporanea. Rivista di storia dell'800 e del '900 (April 2011).

Susan Seymour (Anthropology, Emerita)
"Commentary: Who, How, What, and Why?" Ethos (Special Issue on Mothering as Everyday Practice), vol. 39, no. 4 (December 2010): 449–457.

Sharon Snowiss (Political Studies)
"Ancient Futures: Science, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ecology," Modern Philosophy, no. 1/ general no. 114 (January 2011). (Translated into Chinese.)

Erich Steinman (Sociology)
"Obama Administration Policy toward American Indians and Tribal Nations," Journal of Race and Policy, vol. 6, no. 1 (spring 2010).

"Sovereigns and Citizens? The Contested Status of American Indian Tribal Nations and Their Members," Citizenship Studies, vol. 15, no 1 (February 2011).

Emma Stephens (Economics)
"Incomplete Credit Markets and Commodity Marketing Behavior," Journal of Agricultural Economics, vol. 62, no. 1 (February 2011). With Christopher B. Barrrett.

Anna Wenzel (Chemistry)
"Characterization and Dynamics of Substituted Ruthenacyclobutanes Relevant to the Olefin Cross- Metathesis Reaction," Journal of the American Chemical Society, vol. 133, no. 16 (March 2011). With G. Blake, D.G Vander Velde and R.H. Grubbs.

Kathleen S. Yep (Asian American Studies)
"Playing Rough and Tough: Chinese American Women Basketball Players in the 1930s and 1940s," Frontiers: A Journal of Women's Studies, vol. 31, no. 1 (2010).

"To Reform or to Empower: Asian American Studies and Social Justice Service Learning," in C. Cress and D. Donahue, eds., Democratic Dilemmas of Service-Learning: Curricular Strategies for Success. Sterling, VA: Stylus Publishing, 2011.

"Why Are You So Mad? Mediating Racial Conflict in Service-Learning Classrooms," C. Cress and D. Donahue, eds., Democratic Dilemmas of Service-Learning: Curricular Strategies for Success. Sterling, VA: Stylus Publishing, 2011.


José Zapata Calderón (Sociology and Chicana/o-Latina/o Studies, Emeritus)
Mexican Migration and the U.S. Economic Crisis: A Transnational Perspective edited by Wayne A. Cornelius, David Fitzgerald, Pedro Lewin Fischer, and Leah Must-Orlinoff, in Contemporary Sociology: A Journal of Reviews (July 2010).

Jesse Lerner (Media Studies)
The Ghosts of Ñancahuazú by Leandro Katz et. al., in Alquimia (Fall 2010).

John Milton (Biology)
Discovering Golf's Innermost Truths: A New Approach to Teaching the Game by Peter Lightbown, in Annual Review of Golf Coaching (December 2010).

"One-Dimensional Steady-state Poisson-Nernst-Planck Systems for Ion Channels with Multiple Ion Species" by W. Liu, in Mathematical Reviews on the Web, MR-2467032 (2010).

"From Baseline to Epileptiform Activity: A Path to Synchronized Rhythmicity in Large-Scale Neural Networks" by V. Shusterman and W. C. Troy, in Mathematical Reviews on the Web, MR-2496144 (2010).

"A Master Equation Formalism for Macroscopic Modeling of Asynchronous Irregular Activity States" by S. El Boustani and A. Destexhe, in Mathematical Reviews on the Web, MR-2464841 (2010).

"A Model in a Coupled System of Simple Neural Oscillators with Delay" by C. Zhang, Y. Zhang and B. Zheg, in Mathematical Reviews on the Web, MR-2522519 (2010).

"Broad Edge of Chaos in Strongly Heterogeneous Boolean Networks" by D-S. Lee and H. Reiger, in Mathematical Reviews on the Web, MR-2439240 (2010).

"Stability and Bifurcation Analysis in a Basic Model of the Immune Response with Delays" by C. Yu and J. We, in Mathematical Reviews on the Web, MR-2537635 (2010).

"Existence and Exponential Stability for Anti-periodic Solutions for Shunting Inhibitory Cellular Neural Networks with Continuously Distributed Delays" by Y. Wu and Z. Zhou, in Mathematical Reviews on the Web, MR-2539207 (2010).

"Splay States in a Ring of Coupled Oscillators: From Local to Global Coupling" by W. Zou and M. Zhan, in Mathematical Reviews on the Web, MR-2551265 (2010).

"Stability and Hopf bifurcation for a Cell Population Model with State-dependent Delay" by M. Adimy, F. Crauste, M. L. Hbid and R. Qesmi, in Mathematical Reviews on the Web, MR-2578685 (2011).

"Cellular Immunotherapy for High Grade Gliomas: Mathematical Analysis Deriving Efficacious Infusion Rates based on Patient Requirements" by Y. K. Kogan, U. Frys, N. Kronik and Z. Agur, in Mathematical Reviews on the Web, MR-2596509 (2011).

"Competition between Transients in the Rate of Approach to a Fixed Point" by J. Day, J.E. Rubin and C.C. Chow, in Mathematical Reviews on the Web, MR-2578789 (2011).

"Chaos and Stability in a Model of Inhibitory Neuronal Network" by E. Catsigeras, in Mathematical Reviews on the Web, MR-2662034 (2011).

"Broad-band Oscillations by Probabilistic Cellular Automata" by M. Marko and R. Kozma, in Mathematical Reviews on the Web, MR-2676648 (2011).

"Contractive Piecewise Continuous Maps Modeling Networks of Inhibitory Neurons" by E. Catsigeras, A. Rovella and R. Budelli, in Mathematical Reviews on the Web, MR-2675099 (2011).

Lee Munroe (Research Professor of Anthropology)
Handbook of Cultural Developmental Science by Marc H. Bornstein, Ethos (September 2010).

Laura Skandera Trombley (President/English and World Literature)
Autobiography of Mark Twain: Volume 1 by Harriet Elinor Smith et al., eds., in The Los Angeles Times (November 14, 2010).

Autobiography of Mark Twain: The Complete and Authoritative Edition, Volume 1 by Harriet Smith, eds., in The Boston Globe (November 14, 2010).

Rudi Volti (Sociology, Emeritus)
Ferdinand Porsche-Genesis of Genius: Road, Racing, and Aviation Innovation, 1900 to 1933 by Karl Ludvigsen, in Technology and Culture (October 2010).

Phil Zuckerman (Sociology)
The Political Influence of Churches by Paul A. Djupe, in Journal of Church and State (Winter 2010).