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Faculty Achievements 2005-2006
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Faculty Achievements 2005-2006
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Jennifer Armstrong (Biology)
"Screens for enhancers of brahma reveal links between signal transduction and chromatin remodeling." Invited speaker at the 2005 Southern California Drosophila Conference, September, 2005.
"An eye-based screen for factors that interact with the trithorax group gene brahma (brm)." 46th Annual Drosophila Research Conference, poster presentation, March 30-April 3, 2005. With A.S. Sperling, C.I. Piatek, M.Garcia, and J.W. Tamkun. The abstract was published.

Martha Barcenas (Spanish)
"The Educator’s Role in the Information Era as Mediator Between Technology and Students in Creating Sustainable Communities: A Challenge for the 21st Century." The First International Conference on Children’s Rights & Education, University of Texas at Corpus Christi, July 2005. To be published in the Conference Proceedings.

"Children as Human Cargo of a U.S.-Mexico Transnational Religious Destructive Sect: A Case Study with Implications for Clinical, Human Services, and Educational Practice." Co-authored with Lourdes Argüelles et al. See above.

"Conducting Research in Extreme Situations: Narratives of Sex Tourism, Cultic Abuse and Border Conflict." Institute for Signifying Scriptures, School of Religion, Claremont Graduate University, November 2005. Co-presented with Lourdes Argüelles et al.

"The Three Conquests and the Dark Side of Cancun" Trafficking of Women in Mexico. Feminist Majority Foundation’s Global Women’s and Human Rights Project, Scripps, Pomona and Pitzer Colleges, November 2005. Co-presented with Lourdes Argüelles et al.

"Social Justice in Challenging Times." 7th Annual Student Research Conference Minority Mentor Program, Claremont Graduate University, March 2006

Presentation on the HeartMath methodology. 18th Annual Lilly-West 2006 Conference, Kellogg West Ranch at Cal Poly Pomona, March 2006.

Mita Banerjee (Psychology)
Professor Banerjee chaired the conference Reconfiguring Families at Pitzer College, February 2006.

Derek Barker (Political Studies)
"Redescription and Reconciliation: Rorty, Rawls, and Contemporary Liberal Hegelianism." The Annual Meeting of Western Political Science Association, Albuquerque, New Mexico, March 2006.

Dipa Basu (Sociology)
Professor Basu gave an invited talk on "Race and Hegemony in the U.S." at the University of Calcutta, India, April 2006.

Nigel Boyle (Political Studies)
"Neo-liberalism and Labor Market Policy in Britain and Ireland." International Studies Association Conference, San Diego, March 2006.

"Governance and the Celtic Tiger: the Partially Enhanced Institutional Capacity of the Irish State." Political Studies Association of Ireland conference, Belfast, October 2005. Co-written with Gerry Boucher.

"Neo-liberalism and Labor Market Policy in Britain and Ireland: Ideational Coalitions and Divergent Policy Trajectories." Neo-liberalism and Mental Models Conference, CGU, Claremont, April 2005.

Carol Brandt (Vice-President, International Programs)
"From Deep Darkness to Deep Learning: Catalyzing Student Reflection Before, During, and After Study Abroad." Pre-conference Workshop with K. Rodriguez and A. Wiseman. Council for International Educational Exchange (CIEE) Conference, Sevilla, Spain, November 2006.

"The Art of Herding Cats: Deepening and Assessing Experiential Learning in Study Abroad." Presentation at the Council for International Educational Exchange (CIEE) Conference. Sevilla, Spain, November 2006.

"Balancing the Equation: Intercultural Learning with Science Study Abroad." Panel Presentation at the Council for International Educational Exchange (CIEE) Conference. Sevilla, Spain. November 2006

"Español Enraizado en las Comunidades Extranjeras y Locales: Community-based Spanish Abroad and at Home." American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese International Conference, Salamanca, Spain, June 2006. Presentation with E. Jorge.

"Second Language Acquisition within the Context of a Global Engineering Education." Presentation at the Global Engineering Forum, Kogakuin University, Tokyo, Japan, March 2006.

"Third Spaces for Democracy: Bridging Difference Across Local and Global Communities." Presentation at the American Association of Colleges and Universities Annual Conference, Washington, DC., January 2006.

Emily Chao (Anthropology)
"Shades of Global Capital: Community, Morality and Discontent in a Chinese work unit." Paper presented paper at the American Anthropological Association Meetings, Washington D.C., December 2005. The paper was part of a panel in honor of Norma Diamond, a pioneer in the study of gender in China and Chinese Anthropology.

Professor Chao served as official translator at the Unesco Conference on the Memory of the World Lijiang, China, June 2005.

Professor Chao presented a series of lectures for the Claremont International Studies Education Project, including "Maoist China (1949-1976)," "Modern China: Economic Reform and Cultural Transformation" and "Chinese Cinema and Popular Culture."

Kebokile Dengu-Zvobgo (Director of International Exchanges)
Professor Dengu-Zvobgo gave two presentations, "The Evil Twins: AIDS and Poverty in Africa," and "The Erasure of Women in the Land Discourse: The Zimbabwe Case Study" at the Human Security Lecture Series at Western Washington University (Fairhaven College) in October 2005.

Paul Faulstich (Environmental Studies)
"Down (Under) but Not Out: Reflections on Environmental Field Research in Australia." Invited talk at a Fulbright Fellows Alumni Conference at Stanford University, March 2006.

Carmen Fought (Linguistics)
Professor Fought participated in a panel at "me2: Understanding the Young Latino in America," a groundbreaking look at the values that drive the highly-coveted 14-34 Latino demographic at the Nokia Theatre in New York City in February 2006.

David Furman (Art)
Professor Furman gave the following lectures/slide presentations:
Central Academy of Fine Art, Beijing, China, June 2005
Jingdezhen Institute of Ceramics, Jingdezhen, China, June 2005
International Ceramic Art Conference, Yixing, China, June 2005

Judith V. Grabiner (Mathematics)
Professor Grabiner gave an invited talk at the American Mathematical Society national meeting titled, "Lagrange, Sufficient Reason, and Space," American Mathematical Society, Mathematical Association of America National Joint Meeting, San Antonio, Texas, January 2006.

Additional invited talks included:
"Why Should Historical Truth Matter to Mathematicians?" Lilly-Tamura Lecture, Oberlin College, March 2005.
"Why Does Historical Truth Matter to Mathematics Teachers? Dispelling Myths while Promoting Maths," IAS-Park City Mathematics Institute, Harvey Mudd College, May 2005.
"Why Should Historical Truth Matter to Mathematicians?" National Science Foundation-sponsored Research Experience for Undergraduates, The Claremont Colleges, June 2005.
"Why Should Historical Truth Matter to Mathematicians?" The Women in Mathematics Society (WiMS) of the National Security Agency, and the Mathematics Research Seminar, National Security Agency, Fort Meade, MD, August 2005.

Dan Guthrie (Biology)
Professor Guthrie organized the Southern California academy of sciences annual meeting, May 2005 at Loyola Marymount University

Laura Harris (Black Studies/English and World Literature)
"Confessions of the Pillow Queen: Sexual Practices & Queer Fem-initities." Lesbian Lives XIII: Historicizing the Lesbian, University College Dublin, February 2006.

Mary Hatcher-Skeers (Chemistry)
"A Biophysical Investigation Into Dynamics Quenching Caused By DNA Methylation." Poster presentation, 50th Annual Biophysical Society Meeting, Salt Lake City Utah, February 2006.

Melinda Herrold-Menzies (Environmental Studies)
"Women and Development." Earth Day Conference: Sustainability and Global-Local Environmental Issues, April 2005.

Jim Hoste (Mathematics)
"Lissajous Knots." Claremont Colleges Mathematics Colloquium, September 2005.

Beth Jennings (Sociology)
Professor Jennings co-chaired the Conference Reconfiguring Families, Pitzer College, February 2006.

Alan Jones (Dean of Faculty and Neuroscience)
Dean Jones participated in a panel discussion, Recapturing Public Confidence in Higher Education at the American Council on Education's annual meeting in February 2006. His paper, "Challenges to Public Opinions of Higher Education" will be published in Inside Higher Education.

Ethel Jorge (Spanish)
"Spanish, Science, External Studies, and Service Learning." PAMLA Annual Malibu, Pepperdine University, California, November 2005.

"Spanish across the curriculum: garment workers in LA." AATSP Annual Conference, New York. July-August 2005.

"The Latino Connection: Designing Service-Learning Programs for Community-Enhanced Language Learning." A workshop co-presented with Sylvia López and Richard Raschio. AATSP Annual Conference, New York, July-August 2005.

Alexandra Juhasz (Media Studies)
"Media Praxis Repressed! The Consolidation of Cinema Studies." Visible Evidence, August 2005.

"Missing in Action: AIDS Video Writing."National Critics Conference, May 2005.

Professor Juhasz co-chaired the Conference Reconfiguring Families, Pitzer College, February 2006.

Brian Keeley (Philosophy)
Professor Keeley gave an invited commentary on Peter W. Ross "Common Sense About Qualities And The Senses." American Philosophical Association Eastern Division Meeting, New York City, December 2005.

"The Individuation of Sensory Modalities: Ancient and Contemporary Views Compared." Southern California Philosophy Conference, CSU Northridge, October 2005.

"The hunt for the wily quale: The evolution of a philosophical concept." Society for Philosophy & Psychology, Wake Forest University, June 2005.

Adam Landsberg (Physics)
Professor Landsberg gave presentations and invited talks at:
Dynamics Days 2006, Bethesda, MD, January 2006
Banff International Workshop on Combinatorial Games (BIRS workshop; Canada) June 2005
SIAM Conference on Applications of Dynamical Systems, Utah, May 2005
Artificial Intelligence Seminar, Computer and Information Science Dept., Cornell University, April 2005
Operations Research and Industrial Engineering Colloquium, Cornell University, March 2005

Jesse Lerner (Media Studies)
Professor Lerner was guest curator of The 51st Robert Flaherty Film Seminar in June 2005. Under the auspices of the newly developed Intercollegiate Media Studies Program of The Claremont Colleges. this is the first time the Flaherty took place in Claremont and the first time that it has been held on the West Coast in more than 30 years.

Professor Lerner gave invited talks at the Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles, March 2006, and the Center for Interdisciplinary Research, University of Bielefeld, Germany, November 2005.

Jim Lehman (Economics)
"Environmental and Health Externalities in East Asia: Are there Grounds for Effective Regional Cooperation?" Conference on the Political Economy of Regional Integration, co-sponsored by the Freeman Asian Political Economy Program and the Korean Institute of Economic Policy, Claremont, November 2005.

Professor Lehman also gave a talk in Claremont on "The Bush Social Security Reform Plan: Private Accounts Won’t Help," August 2005.

Ming-Yuen S. Ma (Media Studies)
"Find Your Role: Taking Action for the LGBT Community." Art and Activism panel, California State University, Los Angeles, November 2005.

Surdna Foundation Distinguished Visiting Artist in Film and Visual Arts, California State Summer School for The Arts (CSSSA), July 2005.

Department of Comparative Literature Seminar Series, Hong Kong University, 2005.

Ronald Macaulay (Linguistics)
"Pure grammaticalization: the emergence of a trendy teenage intensifer." XII International Conference on Methods in Dialectology, Université de Moncton, Canada, August 2005.

"A small soap opera and other performances." Roskilde University, Denmark, October 2005.

Ntongela Masilela (English and World Literature)
Professor Masilela gave an invited lecture, "The Transmission Lines of the New African Movement." University of Witwatersrand, South Africa, April 2006.

Kathryn Miller (Art/Environmental Studies)
Nature vs Pavement for the Garden Lab Experiment, Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA. Lecture and performance, October 2005.

Intersections of Art and Science, evening lecture series, Pomona College, Claremont, CA., September 2005.

David Moore (Psychology)
"Gene-Environment Interactions." Second Annual Health Advocacy Conference, Advocacy and Genetics: Arenas of engagement, Sarah Lawrence College, March 2006.

"The development of categorization of infant-directed speech." Department of Psychology, Hofstra University, November 2005.

"Genes and environments," The Complexity of Diversity Colloquium, University of Michigan, November 2005.

"The Gene Dream melts away." Lehman College of CUNY, Keynote Address at the Annual Meeting of the Lehman Chapter of Sigma Xi (the National Scientific Research Society), May 2005.

"Nature nurtures (and nurture is natural): Genes, environments, and their dependent interactions," Department of Psychology, Lehigh University, April 2005.

Lee Munroe (Anthropology)
"Negativity Themes in East African Dreams." Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Society for Cross-Cultural Research, Savannah, GA, February 2006. With S. Z. Ackerman, S. H. Ereshefsky, S. M. Marini, J. E. Rivera, and L. B. Tilem.

Peter Nardi (Sociology)
Pacific Sociological Association Presidential Address: "Sociology at Play, Or Truth in the Pleasant Disguise of Illusion," April 2006.

Professor Nardi co-chaired the Conference Reconfiguring Families, Pitzer College, February 2006.

John Norvell (Anthropology)
"Against Race in Brazil." Presented to the Latin American Studies Association Congress, March 2006

"Affirmative Action in Brazil." Presented to Brazilian Studies Graduate Research Workshop, Harvard University, February 2005

Gregory Orfalea (Writing)
Professor Orfalea gave the following conference talks in the past year:
"Arab Americans Since 9/11." Southwest Popular Culture Symposium, Albuquerque, NM.
"The Arab American Novel." Associated Writers Programs Annual Convention, Austin, TX.
"The Stories We Tell: Obsessions in Arab American Fiction." Arab American Museum, Detroit, MI.
"On Arab American Literature." American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee Annual Convention, Arlington, VA.
"On Media Stereotypes." Broadcaster Educators Association, Las Vegas, NV.
In addition, he was interviewed by KOCE-TV, Orange County public television for "Inside OC" program on Arab Americans in Orange County.

Thomas Poon (Chemistry)
"Singlet oxygen stereoselectivity through vibrational deactivation." Christopher S. Foote Memorial Symposium, UCLA, October 2005. With C. Hooper, J. Sivaguru, H. Saito, M. Solomon, Y. Inoue, W. Adam, and N. J. Turro.

"Chemoselectivity in Photochemical Reactions of Naphthoquinones and Substituted Indoles in Zeolites." Gordon Research Conference on Photochemistry, Smithfield, RI., July 2005. With A. T. Wickboldt, F. Chavez, Jr., M. Scheuerman, S. Yen, A. Williams, and M. MacLeod

"Host-Guest Chemistry and Entropy to Control Stereoselection in Photoreactions." Gordon Research Conference on Photochemistry, Smithfield, RI., July 2005. With J. Sivaguru, H. Saito, M. Solomon, Y. Inoue, W. Adam, and N. J. Turro

Marion Preest (Biology)
"Elevated corticosterone concentration has subtle effects on thermoregulatory behavior and raises metabolic rate in the New Zealand common gecko." World Congress of Herpetology, Stellenbosch, South Africa, June 2005. With A. Cree.

Professor Preest was Secretary of the Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles and Chair, Henri Seibert Student Paper Committee, Joint Meeting of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists, Tampa, July 2005.

Katie Purvis-Roberts (Chemistry)
Invited Talk: "Particle into liquid sampler (PILS) for Southern California PM-2.5 analysis." American Chemical Society National Meeting, Atlanta, GA, March 2006. She also gave this talk at University of California, Los Angeles, Southern California Particle Center and Supersite Seminar, May 10, 2005, and at the Southern California Air Quality Management District, May 5, 2005.

"Gender and Ethnic Differences in Perceived Risk from Nuclear Testing Near Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan." Society for Risk Analysis 2005 Meeting, Orlando, FL, December 2005.

Norma Rodriguez (Psychology)
"Examining the complexities of familism and acculturation among people of Mexican origin." Paper presented at the meeting of the Society for Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science, Denver, CO, October, 2005.

"Development and validation of the Multidimensional Acculturative Stress Inventory." Symposium presented at the meeting of the American Psychological Association, Washington, DC., August 2005. With T. Flores, C. Bingham Mira, and H.F. Myers.

"Gendered social relationships and psychological adjustment among Mexican-origin adults." Poster presented at the meeting of the American Psychological Association, Washington, DC, August 2005. With E. London and C. Bingham Mira.

Dan Segal (Anthropology and History)
Professor Segal gave the prestigious Page-Barbour Lectures at the University of Virginia. His series of three lectures was titled, "Modernity and the History Monopoly, or Why We Need Other Histories," October 2005. The three lectures were:
"Social Evolutionary Thought and the Misrecognition of History."
"Remembering History Without ‘Having a History.’"
"‘The Great Transformation’ without its Beginning or End."
"The Historical Consciousness of Modernity, or What’s Wrong with Jared Diamond." UC San Diego, Anthropology Department Colloquium, November 2005.

Maria Soldatenko (Gender and Feminist Studies and Chicana/o Studies)
"Teaching Latinas in Garment Industry in Los Angeles." CIEL Conference on Innovative Teaching for Social Justice, Deamon College, New York, October 2005.

NAACS Chicana Caucus Plenary, organizer and moderator at the Annual Conference of the NACCS (National Association of Chicana and Chicano Studies) in Miami, Florida, April 2005.

Organizer and discussant at the Panel on "Latinas in Sweatshops in LA." With Pitzer students at the Annual MALCS Summer Institute, UC Berkeley, July 2005.

Invited Lecture: "Latinas and Glogalization." UCLA Transfer Summer Program, August 2005.

Zhaohua Irene Tang (Biology)
"Network Inference Based on Differential Equation Model." Moscow Conference on Computational Molecular Biology (MCCMB’05), Moscow, Russia, July 2005. With R. Wang.

Professor Tang also gave an invited research seminar, "Cell-division Cycle-What Has Protein Phosphorylation Got to Do with It?" Peking University, Beijing, China, August 2005.

"The "Cellular Localizations of SR-Related Proteins in Schizosaccharomyces pombe Fission Yeast Are Affected by SR-Protein Specific Kinase Dsk1." Abstract presented at the 45th Annual Meeting of American Society for Cell Biology, San Francisco, CA, December 2005. With S. Alaei, C. Wilson, C. Chiu, J. Oya, J. Shin, H. Buitron, and S. Hardy.

"Cellular Localization of Kic1 at Different Stages of the Cell Cycle in Schizosaccharomyces pombe Fission Yeast." Abstract presented at the 45th Annual Meeting of American Society for Cell Biology, San Francisco, CA, December 2005. With A. Tsurumi, S. Alaei, H. Palomino, C. Barragan, B. Ngo, N. Huang, and C. Lindal

"SR-Protein Specific Kinase Dsk1 Regulates the Cellular Localizations of SR Proteins by Phosphorylation in Fission Yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe." Abstract presented at the European Fission Yeast Meeting, Cambridge, United Kingdom, March 2006. With A. Tsurumi, S. Alaei, C. Wilson, C. Chiu, J. Oya, B. Ngo

Lako Tongun (Political Studies/IIS)
Professor Tongun co-chaired with D. Ward, an international symposium on the Darfur Genocide.

Rudi Volti (Sociology)
Discussant, "Encyclopedic Knowledge: Critical Comparisons of Two Neo-Enlightenment Projects." Annual meeting of the Society for the Social Studies of Science, Pasadena, October 2005.

Commentator, Forum on the Future of the Automobile, University of Michigan, Dearborn, December 2005.

"When Comedy Turns Sour: Shakespeare’s Descent into Tragedy." Shakespeare Club of Pomona Valley, January 2006.

Andre Wakefield (History)
Professor Wakefield gave an invited talk titled "University Models, Past and Present." King’s College, London, March 2006.
Conference papers include:
"Johann von Justi Goes to Göttingen and Gets Insulted." German Studies Association Annual Meeting, Milwaukee, WI, September 2005.

Dan Ward (Political Studies)
Professor Ward organized the International Anarchist Academics and Activists Conference, April 2006.

Professor Ward also co-chaired, with L. Tongun, an international symposium on the Darfur Genocide.

Phil Zuckerman (Sociology)
"Secularization in Scandinavia." Invited talk at the University of Aarhus, November 2005, and The University of Copenhagen, February 2006.