Faculty Achievements 2005-2006

Faculty Achievements 2005-2006
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A Note from the Dean

During the 2005-06 academic year, Pitzer College faculty have engaged in a series of constructive discussions about what it means to be part of an engaged community where student learning remains paramount. This dialogue intersects repeatedly with the ongoing work of the faculty as scholars whose excellence in research routinely engages students in processes associated with the production of knowledge. Our extraordinary faculty and student scholarship has led to a multitude of publications, awards and recognition, both nationally and internationally.

The great pride I feel as a member of this innovative community of teacher scholars is combined with an excitement as dean to welcome six new tenure track faculty in the coming academic year. The magnitude and success of the faculty searches have no equal since the founding days of our college. The new faculty in language and culture will strengthen Pitzer's deserved reputation in these fields. My thanks to all concerned for their extraordinary hard work in successfully recruiting these fine scholars to our community.

Alan Jones
Pitzer College Dean of Faculty