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Faculty Achievements 2004-2005
Grants, Awards and Honors

Faculty Achievements 2004-2005
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Cheryl Baduini ( Biology)
Northwest Fish and Wildlife Federation. “Exploring Albatross Movements: Coupling Highly Mobile Predators and Productive Bathymetric Habitats,” $60,000, 2004. Co-investigator with K.D. Hyrenbach, M. Hester, J. Adams and K. Keiper.

2004 Oiled Wildlife Care Network, University of California at Davis. “Body Condition and Oceanographic Determinants of Sooty Shearwater Movements: a Model for Post-release Survival Studies in Seabirds,” $50,000, 2004. Co-investigator with J. Adams, J.T. Harvey, and K.D. Hyrenbach.

Gretchen Edwalds-Gilbert (Biology)
NIH AREA grant, “Regulation of spliceosomal ATPase activity,” $150,000, 2005-2007 She also received a Mellon Foundation grant for curriculum development, $5,000, 2004.

Carmen Fought (Linguistics)
Professor Fought was featured on the PBS program “Do You Speak American?” which aired Jan. 5, 2005, on KCET. She also served as the linguistic scholar. The program explored Chicano, the thriving, distinct street talk of the Los Angeles Latino community. Fought is the author of Chicano English in Context.

Paul Faulstich (Environmental Studies)
Professor Faulstich was a Visiting Fellow at Flinder’s University in Australia, June-August, 2004. He co-taught its inaugural Ethnoarchaeology Field School with indigenous practitioners and scholars from four continents.

David Furman (Art)
Professor Furman received the Silver Prize and an award of 10 million Korean won, from the final selection of the 3rd World Ceramic Biennale, held in Icheon, Korea, April - June 2005.

Professor Furman is listed in the Marquis publication, Who’s Who In American Art, 26th Edition.

He was a visiting artist at Southern Illinois University October 2004 and at Salve Regina College in Newport, R.I., November 2004.

Judith V. Grabiner (Mathematics)
Professor Grabiner gave The Oberlin College Tamura-Lilly Mathematics Lecture, “Why Should Historical Truth Matter to Mathematicians?” March 2005.

Professor Grabiner continues to serve on the Committee on the Instructional Uses of the History of Mathematics for the Mathematical Association of America and as chair of the Price-Webster Award Committee of the History of Science Society (awarding a prize for the best article in Isis, the journal of the Science Society).

She continues to referee for the American Mathematical Monthly, Mathematics Magazine, Mathematical Intelligencer, and American Anthropologist.

Dan Guthrie (Biology)
In October 2004, Professor Guthrie was elected to the position as Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Professor Guthrie also received an award for service in the high school science program of the Southern California Academy of Sciences.

Melinda Herrold-Menzies (Environmental Studies)
Professor Herrold-Menzies received $16,000 from the Freeman Program in Asian Political Economy to conduct summer field research with two students in nature reserves in China and Russia. Research project titled: “Economic Reform in Rural Areas: Agriculture and Conservation in China and the Russian Far East.”

She also received $10,000 from UC Berkeley’s Beahrs Environmental Leadership Program Grant for the establishment of the Guizhou Biodiversity Group in collaboration with Ren Xiaodong, Huang Mingjie, and Chris Aldridge of the Community-based Conservation & Development Research Center, Guizhou, China.

Jim Hoste (Mathematics)
Professor Hoste and Claremont College colleagues received an NSF grant for the NSF Claremont Colleges Mathematics REU Site. Professor Hoste will be the principal investigator, 2005–2008.

He is a Member at Large, Committee on the Profession, American Mathematical Society, 2005–2007.

He continues in his role as Associate Editor of the Journal of Knot Theory and Its Ramifications.

Alexandra Juhasz (Media Studies)
ACE Fellow in Academic Administration: Fellowship finalist, 2005

Cinema Journal Editorial Board: 2003-2008

Leah Light (Psychology)
Professor Light was elected president of Division 20 of the American Psychological Association for the 2004-2005 academic year. She has previously served Division 20 as secretary, member-at-large, and chair of student awards.

Lee Munroe (Anthropology)
Professor Munroe was named to the board of directors, FrameWorks Institute of Washington, DC.

Peter Nardi (Sociology)
Professor Nardi was elected President of the Pacific Sociological Association (2005-2006).

Susan Phillips (CCCSI)
Professor Phillips received a Harry Frank Guggenheim Research Grant to study the impact of gang suppression on gang violence in Los Angeles.

Norma Rodriguez (Psychology)
Professor Rodriguez sits on the 2005 Psychology Panel of the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Committee.

Barry Sanders (History of Ideas)
Professor Sanders was named a Fulbright Senior Scholar for Fall 2005-Spring 2006.

Susan Seymour (Anthropology)
Professor Seymour was the recipient of the 2005 Stirling Prize, the Society for Psychological Anthropology’s annual award for the best published work in psychological anthropology during 2003-2004. The article for which the Stirling Prize was awarded is “Multiple Caretaking of Infants and Young Children: An Area in Critical Need of a Feminist Psychological Anthropology.”

Laura Skandera Trombley (President)
President Laura Skandera Trombley was appointed as a Commissioner, Western Association of Schools and Colleges, 2004-2007.

John D. (Jack) Sullivan (Political and Environmental Studies)
Professor Sullivan continues to be involved in the California Water Plan Advisory Committee and has written, with another member of the Advisory Committee, a short paper on water and environmental justice ( for the Leadership Institute for Ecology and the Economy. He continues as natural resource director for the League of Women Voters of California and has been nominated for the position of legislative director for the 2005-2007 term. He is also overseeing the updating of The Guide to California Government (published by the League of Women Voters of California) which is expected to be published in late 2005 or early 2006.

Irene Tang (Biology)
Professor Tang received an NIH AREA grant, $150,000, 2005-2007.

Teresa Vázquez (Sociology/Chicana/o Studies)
Professor Vázquez served as chair of the Selection Committee for the Gill-Chin Lim Student Travel Grants of the Global Planning Educators Interest Group (GPEIG) of the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning (ACSP), 2004-2005, and was Elected co-chair for the Global Planning Educators Interest Group (GPEIG) of the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning (ACSP) for the period 2002-2004.