Faculty Achievements 2003-2004

Faculty Achievements 2003-2004
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Jennifer Armstrong (Biology)
“Genetic and Cytological Analysis of Drosophila Chromatin-Remodeling Factors,” Enzymology, 377:70-85, 2004. With D. Corona and J. Tamkun.

“The Drosophila BRM Complex Facilitates Global Transcription by RNA Polymerase II,” EMBO Journal, 21(19): 5245-5254, 2002. With O. Papoulas, G. Daubresse, A. Sperling, J. Lis, M. Scott, M.P. and J. Tamkun.

“Chaperone ASF1 Cooperates with the Brahma Chromatin Remodeling Machinery,” Genes and Development, 16(20): 2621-2626, 2002. With Y. Moshkin, R. Maeda, J. Tamkun, P. Verrijzer, J. Kennison, F. Karch, and F. Histone.

Cheryl Baduini (Biology)
“Parental Provisioning Patterns of Wedge-tailed Shearwaters and Their Relation to Chick Body Condition,” The Condor, 104: 823-831.

“Diets of Short-tailed Shearwaters in the Southeastern Bering Sea,” Deep Sea Research, II 49 (26), 2002. With G. Hunt and J. Jahncke.

Dipa Basu (Sociology)
The Vinyl Ain’t Final: The Local and Global of Hip Hop. London: Pluto Press, 2004. With Sid Lemelle (eds.)

“A Critical Examination of the Political Economy of the Hip-Hop Industry,” Readings in Black Political Economy. C. Conrad, J. Whitehead and P. Mason (eds.), New York: Routledge, 2004.

“A Critical Analysis of Hip Hop, The Commodity and the Generation,” in Dipannita Basu and Sid Lemelle (eds.) 2004. The Vinyl Ain’t Final: The Local and Global of Hip Hop. London: Pluto Press, 2004.

“Who Wants to Be A Millionaire,” Ethnic Business in Europe and America, U. Apitzch, (ed.) UNESCO Publications, 2004. With Pninia Werbner.

Nigel Boyle (Political Studies)
“Governance of the Irish Labor Market 1987-2000: FÁS, the EU and the Irish State,” European Union Center of California Working Paper Series, June 2003.

“Perspectives on Work and Family Life: The Contributions of Social Science,” Changing the Metaphor: From Work-Life Balance to Work-Life Synthesis. Diane Halpern (ed.), Erlbaum, NJ, 2003. With B. Drago, D. Halpern and C. Lange.

“Governance in a Globalized Political Economy: Irish Labor Market Policy 1987-99,” Reconfigured Sovereignty: Multi-Layered Governance in the Global Age. T. Ilgen (ed.), Williston, VT: Ashgate: 2003.

“National Politics and Globalization: Varieties of Neoliberal Youth Labour Market Policy Under Thatcher and Blair,” Global Turbulence: Social Activists’ and State Responses to Globalization. M. Griffin-Cohen and S. McBride (eds.), Williston, VT, Ashgate: 2003.

Carol Brandt (External Studies)
“The Practice of the Fieldbook: Facilitating and Evaluation Field-based Learning,” Frontiers: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad, Spring 2003. With T. Manley.

José Calderon (Sociology)
“Lessons from an Activist Intellectual: Participatory Research, Teaching, and Learning for Social Change,” Latin American Perspectives, Vol. 31, no. 1, January 2004.

“Partnership in Teaching and Learning: Combining the Practice of Critical Pedagogy with Civic Engagement and Diversity,” Peer Review, American Association of Colleges and Universities, Spring 2003.

Resource Materials Manual for Teaching Latino/a Sociology, (edited with Gilda Ochoa), American Sociological Association Teaching Resource Center, 2003.

“Inclusion or Exclusion: One Immigrant’s Experience and Perspective of a Multicultural Society,” Minority Voices, J. Meyers, (ed.), Boston: Allyn and Bacon, 2004.

Emily Chao (Anthropology)
“Cautionary Tales: Marriage Strategies, State Discourse, and Women’s Agency in a Naxi Village in Southwest China,” Cross-Border Marriages: Gender and Mobility in Transnational Asia, Nicole Constable (ed.), Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2004.

“Women in Traffic,” Modern China, 2003

“Naxi,” Encyclopedia of Modern Asia, Fall 2002

Gretchen Edwalds-Gilbert (Biology)
“Definition of a Spliceosome Interaction Domain in Yeast Prp2 ATPase,” RNA, 10:210-220, 2004. With H. Kim, E. Silverman, C. Cheng and R. Lin.

“DExD/H-box Proteins and Their Partners: Helping RNA Helicases Unwind,” Gene, 312: 1-16, 2003. With E. Silverman, and R. Lin.

Halford Fairchild (Psychology/Black Studies)
“Teaching African American Psychology: Resources and Strategies,” Teaching Gender and Multicultural Awareness: Resources for the Psychology Classroom, P. Bronstein and K. Quina (eds.), Washington, D.C.: The American Psychological Association, 2003.

“Resources and innovations in teaching African American psychology,” American Psychological Association, Washington, D.C.: 2003. With H. Richard and L. Whitten.

“Free at Last,” Psych Discourse, 33, 2002

“The World Wide Web of African Psychology,” Psych Discourse, 33, 2002

“Crisis: Danger and Opportunity,” Psych Discourse, 33, 2002

“Ethical Standards of Black Psychologists,” Psych Discourse, 33, 2002

My Bad; Our Bad,” Psych Discourse, 33, 2002

“White Privilege,” Psych Discourse, 33, 2002

“Denzel,” Psych Discourse, 33, 2002

Paul Faulstich (Environmental Studies)
“Exploring Relationships Through Rock-Art: Colonialism, Landscape and Ecology,” Before Farming: The Archaeology and Anthropology of Hunter-Gatherers. Co-editor with Paul Taçon, and Sven Ouzman, 2 (1, 2 and 3), 2003. Also to be published as a volume by Western Academic and Specialist Press, U.K.

“Dreaming the Country and Burning the Land: Rock-Art and Ecological Knowledge,” in Faulstich et al, (eds) Exploring Relationships Through Rock-Art. 3 (3), 2003.

“Teaching for Change: The Leadership in Environmental Education Partnership,” Sustainability on Campus: Stories and Strategies for Change. Peggy F. Barlett and Geoffrey Chase (eds.), Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press, 2004.

“Geophilia: Die eingeborene Liebe des Menschen zur Landschaft,” Hagia Chora, 15:58-63, 2003.

Maya Federman (Economics)
“Addressing Institutional Inequities in Education: The Case of Advanced Placement Courses in California,” Bringing Equity Back: Research for a New Era in American Educational Policy. Amy Stuart Wells and Janice Petrovich, (eds.), New York: Teachers College Press, 2004. With Harry Pachon.

“Does Industrialization = ‘Development’? The Effects of Industrialization on School Enrollment and Youth Employment in Indonesia,” Center for International and Development Economics Research. Paper. C03-132, 2003. With David I. Levine.

“Case Study: Small Group Discussions,” Learning and Teaching Support Network Centre for Economics,, February 2003.

Carmen Fought (Linguistics)
Chicano English in Context. New York: Palgrave/MacMillan, 2003.

Sociolinguistic Variation: Critical reflections. (Editor) New York, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2004.

“Sonority and Climate in a World Sample of Languages: Findings and Prospects,” Cross-Cultural Research, Vol. 38, no. 1, February 2004. With John Fought, Robert Munroe and Erin Good.

“California Representations of Language Variety in the U.S.,” Handbook of Perceptual Dialectology, Vol. II, D. Preston and D. Long, (eds.), Philadelphia, PA: John Benjamins, 2002.

David Furman (Art)
Catalog: Katsunari Toyoda Collection/Contemporary American Ceramics, 2004.

Catalog: Standing Room Only, the 60th Scripps College Ceramics Annual, 2004.

Catalog: World Ceramic Biennale 2003 Korea, International Exhibition.

Who’s Who in American Art, 25th Edition, Marquis Publishing.

Catalog: The International Art Teapot Exhibition, Yingko Museum, Taipei, Taiwan.

His work was featured in Sexpots: Eroticism in Ceramics, Paul Mathieu (ed.), NJ: Rutgers University Press, 2003

Clay Times, February 2003.

Catalog: Contemporary American Ceramics, 1950-1990, Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto, Japan, 2003.

Catalog: The International Art Teapot Exhibition, Yingko Ceramic Museum, Taipei, Taiwan, 2003.

“David Furman’s Icons of Morality and Perpetuity,” Ceramics Monthly, February 2002.

Gail Gottfried (Psychology)
“To Be or Not to Be a Galaprock: Preschoolers’ Intuitions about the Importance of Knowledge and Action for Pretending,” British Journal of Developmental Psychology, 21, 397-414, 2003. With A. Hickling, L. Totten, A. Mkroyan, and A. Reisz.

“I Just Talk with My Heart: The Mind-body Problem, Linguistic Input, and the Acquisition of Folk Psychological Beliefs,” Cognitive Development, 18, 79-90, 2003. With E. Jow.

Judith V. Grabiner (Mathematics)
“It’s All for the Best: How Looking for the Best Explanations Revealed the Properties of Light,” Pi in the Sky, Fall 2004.

“Maclaurin and Newton: The Newtonian Style and the Authority of Mathematics,” Science and Medicine in the Scottish Enlightenment. East Lothian, Scotland: Tuckwell Press, 2002.

Laura Alexandra Harris (English and World Literature)
Notes from a Welfare Queen in The Ivory Tower: poetry, fiction, letters, and essays. New York: Face to Face Press, 2002.

“Harlem Renaissance Gay and Lesbian Culture,” Encyclopedia of American Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender History and Culture. Marc Stein, Editor in Chief. New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 2004.

“Lorraine Hansberry,” Encyclopedia of American Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender History and Culture. Marc Stein, Editor in Chief. New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 2004.

“Mae V. Cowdery (1909-1953),” Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance. Paul E. Schellinger, (ed.), Chicago: Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers, 2003.

“A’Lelia Walker (1885-1931),” Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance. Paul E. Schellinger, (ed.), Chicago: Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers, 2003.

“A Certain Tenderness,” Other Countries: Voices Rising. G. Winston James, (ed.), New York: Gay Men of African Descent, Inc. 2003.

“Notes from a Welfare Queen in the Ivory Tower,” This Bridge We Call Home: Radical Visions for Transformation. Gloria Anzaldiia and AnaLouise Keating, (eds.), New York: Routledge, Fall 2002.

“Femme/Butch Family Romances: A Queer Dyke Spin on Compulsory Heterosexuality,” Journal of Lesbian Studies, Summer 2002.

“Black Feminism and Queer Families: A Conversation with Thomas Allen Harris,” African American Review, Vol. 36, no. 2, Summer 2002.

Jim Hoste (Mathematics)
“A Formula for the A-polynomial of Twist Knots,” Journal of Knot Theory and Its Ramifications, Vol. 13, no. 2, 193-209, 2004. With Patrick Shanahan.

Carina L. Johnson (History)
“Stone Gods and Counter-Reformation Knowledges,” in Knowledge and its Making in Early Modern Europe. Benjamin Schmidt and Pamela Smith, (eds.), Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2004.

Tom Ilgen (Political Studies)
Reconfigured Sovereignty: Multi Layered Governance in the Global Age. Editor. Aldershot, UK: Ashgate, 2003. He authored the introduction, conclusion and chapters titled, “Reconfigured Sovereignty in the Age of Globalization” and “Ontario: Tiger of the Inland Empire.”

Ethel Jorge (Spanish)
“Outcomes for Community Partners in an Unmediated Service-Learning Program,” The Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning, Vol. 10, no. 1, Fall 2003.

“Dialogue and Power: Collaborative Language Curriculum Development,” in Juntos: Community Partnerships in Spanish and Portuguese, J. Hellebrandt, J. Arries, L. Verona, (eds.), AATSP Professional Development Series Handbook, Vol. 5, 2003.

Alexandra Juhasz (Media Studies)
F is for Phony. Co-editor with Jesse Lerner, Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2004

“No Woman is an Object: Realizing the Feminist Collaborative Video,” Camera Obscura 54, 2003.

“So Many Alternatives: The Alternative AIDS Video Movement,” From ACT UP to the WTO, Ben Shepard and Ronald Hayduk, (eds.), London: Verso, 2002.

“My Sundance: A Global Communist Dispatch,” five commissioned columns as “Artist of the Week” for L’Humanite, a French daily newspaper, January-February 2002.

Robin Justice (Biology)
“Genomics Spawns Novel Approaches to Mosquito Control,” BioEssays, 25, 2003. With H.Biessmann, M.F. Walter, S.D. Dimitratos and D.F. Woods.

Brian Keeley (Philosophy)
“Making Sense of the Senses: Individuating Modalities in Humans and Other Animals,” The Journal of Philosophy, 99, 5-28, 2002.

“Eye Gaze Information Processing: A Case Study in Primate Cognitive Neuroethology,” The Cognitive Animal, M. Bekoff, C. Allen, and G. Burghardt, (eds.), Cambridge: Mass: MIT Press, 2002.

“Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition! More Thoughts on Conspiracy Theories,” Journal of Social Philosophy, 34, 104-110, (2003)

Review of Leslie Brother’s Mistaken Identity: The Mind-Brain Problem Reconsidered. New York: SUNY, 2001. Brain and Mind, 3, 409-12.

Jesse Lerner (Media Studies)
F is for Phony. Co-editor, with Alex Juhasz , Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2004.

“Consumed by a Fever: The Films of Sergio Tinoco,” Film History, Vol. 15, no. 2, 2003.

“Felix,” New York, NY, Vol. 3, no. 2, Thematic issue on risks, 2003. Guest editor, with Kathy High, Ximena Cuevas and Roberto López.

“Wide Angle,” Guest editor, Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press, Vol. 21, no. 3.

Leah Light (Psychology)
“Bias Effects in Word Fragment Completion in Young and Older Adults,” Memory & Cognition, 30, 2002. With R. F. Kennison and M. R. Healy.

“Methodological Issues in the Assessment of Technology Use for Older Adults,” Technology for Adaptive Aging: Report and Papers, R. Pew & S. Van Hemel, (eds.), Washington, D.C.: National Research Council, 2003. With C. Hertzog.

“Commentary: Measures, constructs, models, and inferences about aging,” in New Frontiers in Cognitive Aging. R. A. Dixon, L.-G. Nilsson, and L. Backman, (eds.), New York: Oxford University Press, 2004.

“Dual-process Models of Memory in Young and Older Adults: Evidence from Associative Recognition,” Proceedings of the VIIth Cognitive Aging Conference (Tours, France), L. Taconnat, D. Clarys, S. Vanneste and M. Isingrini, (eds.), Paris: Publibook Editions. 2004. With Healy, M.R., Patterson, M.M., and Chung, C.C.

“Effects of Repetition and Response Deadline on Associative Recognition in Young and Older Adults,” Memory & Cognition, 2004. With M.M. Patterson, C.C. Chung and M.R. Healy.

Ming-Yuen S. Ma (Media Studies)
Unititled essay in Like Mangoes in July: The Work of Richard Fung. Helen Lee and Kerri Sakamoto, (eds.), Toronto: Images Festival of Independent Film & Video, 2002.

  • In addition, Ma’s work has been discussed in the following studies:
    P. Feng, Peter X., Identities in Motion: Asian American Film & Video, Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2002
  • Marchetti, Gina, From Tian’anmen to Times Square: Transnational China and the Chinese Diaspora on Global Screens, 1989-1997. Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 2004.
  • L. Marks, Touch: Sensuous Theory and Multisensory Media. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2002.
  • J. Muñoz, Jose, “Revisiting The Autoethnographic Performance: Richard Fung’s Theory/Praxis as Queer Performativity,” Like Mangoes in July.
  • Profiles: RES Magazine, Vol 6, no. 5, October/November, 2003; OUT Magazine, February 2003.

Ronald Macaulay (Linguistics Emeritus)
“Repeat After Me: The Value of Replication,” International Journal of English Studies, 3, 2003.

“Discourse Variation,” The Handbook of Language Variation and Change, J.K.Chambers, Peter Trudgill, and Natalie Schilling-Estes, (eds.), Oxford: Blackwell, 2002.

“You Know, It Depends,” Journal of Pragmatics, 34, 2002.

“Extremely Interesting, Very Interesting, or Only Quite Interesting? Adverbs and Social Class,” Journal of Sociolinguistics, 6, 2002.

“I'm Off to Philadephia in the Morning: A Scotsman Looks at Dialect in America,” American Speech, 77, 2002.

Ntongela Masilela (English and World Literature)
Associate Editor of The Encyclopedia of African Literature

To Change Reels: Film and Film Culture in South Africa. Editor with Isabel Balseiro Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 2003.

“The Vernacular and African Literature,” Encyclopedia of African Literature, Simon Gikandi, (ed.), London: Routledge: 2002.

“South African Language Literatures,” Encyclopedia of African Literature, Simon Gikandi, (ed.), London: Routledge: 2002.


Stuart McConnell (History)
“The Geography of Memory,” The Memory of the Civil War in American Culture. Alice Fahs and Joan Waugh, (eds.), Chapel Hill, NC: University of North Carolina Press, 2004.

Donald A. McFarlane (Biology)
“Guano,” Encyclopedia of Caves and Karst Science. J. Gunn, (ed.), New York: Fitzroy Dearborn, 2004.

“Reliquiae Diluviane Alter: Last Interglacial Flood Deposits in Caves of the West Indies,” Studies of Cave Sediments. New York: Kluwer/Plenum Press, 2004. With J. Lundberg.

“A Middle Pleistocene Age and Biogeography for the Extinct Rodent Megalomys Curazensis from Curacao, Netherlands Antilles,” Caribbean Journal of Science, 38:278-281, 2002. With J. Lundberg.

“A Late Quaternary Paleoecological Record from Caves of Southern Jamaica, West Indies,” Journal of Cave and Karst Studies 64(2):117-125, 2002. With J. Lundberg and A. Fincham.

“A New Megalonychid Sloth from the Late Wisconsinan of the Dominican Republic,” Caribbean Journal of Science 38: 11-19, 2002. With J. Lundberg and K. Christenson.

Kathryn Miller (Art)
Nature Vs Pavement. Artist Book, Mole Press, 2003.

Seed Bombs: A Short History. Artist Book, Collection of Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, OH: 2002.

“The Seed Bomb Project,” Ecological Restoration, 22, no. 1, 2004.

“Asfalto: Il Carattere Della Citta: A cura di Mirko Zardini,” Exhibition Catalog for La Triennale di Milano by Mondadori Electra S.P.A, Milano, Italy, 2003.

“Becky Ohlsen, Dirt-Birds and the Russian Thistle Crisis,” Art and The Environment, The Bear Deluxe Art Issue # 20, Fall 2003.

“Ecovention: Current Art to Transform Ecology,” exhibition catalog, Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, OH: RAM Publications, 2002.

“Steve Payne, From Little Things…Seed Balls - Seeds Encased in A soil-Clay-Water Mixture May Prove Valuable in Bush Regeneration Work,” The Organic Gardener, Gardening Australia, Australian Broadcasting Company, Winter 2002.

David Moore (Psychology)
The Dependent Gene: The Fallacy of “Nature vs. Nurture.” New York: Times Books, Henry Holt & Co., 2002.

Lee Munroe (Anthropology)
“Sonority and Climate in a World Sample of Languages: Findings and Prospects,” Cross Cultural Research, 38, 2004. With J. Fought, C. Fought and E. Good.

“Homestead Size, Gender, and Aggression Among Gusii Children,” Ethos, 31, 2003. With S. Nerlove and with the assistance of V. Choi. G. Keppel. A. Richert, C. Richmond, G. Smith and C. Townsend.

“Father Absence, Social Structure, and Attention Allocation in Children: A Four-Culture Comparison,” Ethos, 29, 2002.

J. R. Mureika (Physics)
“Multifractal Analysis of Packed Swiss Cheese Cosmologies,” General Relativity and Gravitation, 36, 2004. With C. C. Dyer.

“Multifractal Fingerprints in the Visual Arts,” Leonardo, 37, February 2004. With G. C. Cupchik, and C. C. Dyer

“A Model of Wind and Altitude Effects on 110-m Hurdles,” Sportscience, December 2003. With J. Spiegel

“Wind and Altitude Effects in the 200 Meter Sprint,” Canadian Journal of Physics, 81, 2003. With C. C. Dyer.

Peter Nardi (Sociology)
Editor, Sociological Perspectives,1999-2003

Doing Survey Research: A Guide to Quantitative Research. Boston: Allyn & Bacon, 2003.

Gregory Orfalea (Writing)
Up All Night: Practical Wisdom from Mothers and Fathers. Co-edited with Barbara Rosewicz, Mahwah, NJ: Paulist Press, 2004.

“An Act of Forgiveness,” and “The Barber of Tarzana,” Los Angeles Times Magazine, 2002 and 2003.

“Valley Boys,” Michigan Quarterly Review, September 2002.

Thomas Poon (Chemistry)
“The Big Picture: A Classroom Activity for Organic Chemistry,” Journal of Chemical Education, Vol. 81, 2004.

“Stereochemical Features of the Physical and Chemical Interactions of Singlet Oxygen with Enecarbamates,” Organic Letters 5, 2003. With J. Turro, J. Chapman, P. Lakshminarasimhan, X. Lei, S. Jockusch, R. Franz, W. Adam and S. Bosio.

“A Supramolecular ŒShip in Bottle Strategy for Enantiomeric Selectivity in Geminate Radical Pair Recombination,” Organic Letters, 5, 2003. With N. J. Turro, J. Chapman, P. Lakshminarasimhan, X. Lei, W. Adam, and S. Bosio.

“Kinetic Studies of Human Tyrosyl-DNA Phosphodiesterase, an Enzyme in the Topoisomerase I DNA Repair Pathway,” European Journal of Biochemistry, 269, 2002. With T.J. Cheng, P.G. Rey and C.C. Kan.

“The Michael Reaction,” Journal of Chemical Education, 79, 2002. With B.P. Mundy and T.W. Shattuck.

Marion Preest (Biology)
“Effects of Body Temperature and Hydration State on Organismal Performance of Toads, Bufo Americanus,” Physiological and Biochemical Zoology, 76, 2003. With F.H. Pough.

“Decomposition of Nitrogenous Compounds by Intestinal Bacteria in Hummingbirds,” The Auk, 120: 1091-1101, 2003. With C.A. Beuchat and D. Folk.

“Protecting Embryos from Stress: Corticosterone Effects and the Corticosterone Response to Capture and Confinement During Pregnancy in a Live-bearing Lizard, Hoplodactylus maculatus,” General and Comparative Endocrinology, 134, 2003. With A. Cree, C.L. Tyrrell, D. Thorburn and L.J. Guillette, Jr.

“Physiology of Original and Regenerated Lizard Tails,” Herpetologica, 58, 2002. With V.M. Meyer and S.M. Lochetto.

Katie Purvis-Roberts (Chemistry)
“Comparative Perceptions of Risk from Nuclear Testing in Kazakhstan: Preliminary Results and Proposed Research,” Central Eurasian Studies Review, 2003, 2, 11. With C. Werner and N. Ibraev.

Majid Rahnema (IIS)
Quand la Misère Chasse la Pauvreté. Paris: Fayard/Actes-Sud, 2003.

Norma Rodriguez (Psychology)
“Friends or Family: Who Plays a Greater Role in the Psychological Adjustment of Latino College Students?” Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, 9, 2003. With M. Bingham and H. Myers.

“Acculturation and Physical Health in Racial/ethnic Minorities,” in Acculturation: Advances in Theory, Measurement, and Applied Research. G. Marin, P. B. Organista and K. Chun, (eds.), Washington, D.C.: American Psychological Association, 2003. With H. Myers.

“Development of the Multidimensional Acculturative Stress Inventory for Latinos,” Psychological Assessment, 14, 2002. With H.F. Myers, C.B. Mira, T. Flores and L. Garcia.

“Ethnic Differences in Clinical Presentation of Depression in Adult Women,” Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, 8, 138-156, 2002. With H. Myers, I. Lesser, C. Mira, W. Hwang, C. Camp, D. Anderson, L. Erickson and M. Wohl.

Kathryn S. Rogers (Organizational Studies)
Co-editor with Carolyn P. Egri, Special Issue, “Teaching about the Natural Environment in Management Education: New Directions and Approaches,” Journal of Management Education, Vol. 27, no. 2, April 2003.

“Contemporary Teaching and Learning from the Challenger,” Guest editor’s Introduction, Journal of Management Inquiry, Vol. 11, no. 3, September 2002. She contributed to development of articles for a special three-article section commemorating the fifteenth anniversary of the Challenger tragedy. This set of articles was nominated and became a runner-up for the “best in JMI” for 2002.

David Sadava (Biology)
“Liposomal Daunorubicin Overcomes Multi-drug Resistance in Human Breast Cancer, Ovarian Cancer and Small Cell Lung Cancer Cells,” J. Lipos. Res., 12, 2002. With A. Coleman and S. Kane.

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Barry Sanders (History of Ideas)
Alienable Rights: The Exclusion of African Americans in a White Man’s Land, 1619-2000. Co-written by independent scholar Francis Adams. New York: Harper Collins, 2003.

“Webelos,” Rivendell Magazine, Fall 2002. Nominated for Best Mystery Story of the Year, Magazine Association of America.

“Bang the Keys Softly: Type-Writers and Their Dis-Contents,” Cabinet Magazine, Fall 2002.

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Laura Skandera Trombley (President)
“Which Is an Exercise in Futility: the SAT, ‘Survivor” or All of the Above?” Los Angeles Times, January 18, 2004.

“Labor Pains.” The Chronicle Review, September 5, 2003.

Claudia Strauss (Anthropology)
“Not-so Rugged Individualists: U.S. Americans’ Conflicting Ideas about Poverty,” Work, Welfare, and Politics: Confronting Poverty in the Wake of Welfare Reform. F. Piven, J. Acker, M. Hallock and S. Morgen, (eds.), Eugene, OR: University of Oregon Press, 2002.

“Cultural Standing in Expression of Opinion,” Language in Society. 33(2), 2004.

Ann Stromberg (Sociology)
“Behavioral and Environmental Risks to Reproductive Health,” Reproductive Health: Women and Men’s Shared Responsibility. B. Anderson, (ed.), Boston: Jones and Bartlett, 2004.

John D. (Jack) Sullivan (Political and Environmental Studies)
“Water and Sovereignty: Wales and Southern California.” Reconfigured Sovereignty: Multi Layered Governance in the Global Age. T. Ilgen, (ed.), Williston, VT: Ashgate Publishing, 2003.

Zhaohua Irene Tang (Biology)
“The Kic1 Kinase of Schizosaccharomyces Pombe is a CLK/STY Orthologue that Regulates Cell-Cell Separation,” Experimental Cell Research, 283, 2003. With L. Mandel, C. Lin, S. Yean and R. Lin.

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Rudi Volti (Sociology)
Technology Transfer and East Asian Economic Transformation. Washington, D.C.: American Historical Association/Society for the History of Technology, 2002.

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Al Wachtel (English and World Literature)
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“Ajax,” Cyclopedia of Literary Places. Pasadena, CA: Salem Press, 2003.

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