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Lako Tongun, PhD
Associate Professor of International and Intercultural Studies and Political Studies

Lako Tongun, PhD

Research Interests:

African and third-world politics; political economy, developmental economics (Third World).

Recent Courses:

  • Introduction to International and Intercultural Studies (IIS10)
  • History and Political Economy of Natural Resources (IIS17)
  • Power and Social Change (IIS50)
  • State and Development in the Third World (IIS122)
  • Contemporary Political and Social Movements in the Third World (IIS122)
  • Third World Socialism (IIS123)
  • African Politics (IIS125)
  • Environment and Development in the Third World (IIS127)
  • Agricultural Economic Development in the Third World (IIS141)
  • International Relations in the Middle East (IIS146)
  • Special Topics in Mid- East International Relations: Turkey, Islam, and the Middle East (IIS 147)
  • Senior Thesis (IIS199)                

Selected Publications:

  • Sudan's Killing Fields: Genocidal Violence in East Africa. Ann Arbor, MI: The University of Michigan Press, 2010. With Laura Beny and Sondra Hale.
  • “Pan-Africanism and Apartheid: African-American Influence on US Foreign Policy,” in Sidney J. Lemell and Robin D.G. Kelley, eds., Imagining Home: Class, Culture and Nationalism in the African Diaspora. London and New York: Verso, 1994.
  • Reviewed Surviving Drought and Development: Ariaal Pastoralists of Northern Kenya, by Elliot Fratkin, American Ethnologist vol.21, no.4 (1994).
  • The Political Economy of National Planning in the Sudan: Determinants of Choices and Priorities. Davis: University of California, Davis, 1983.

Recent Conferences and Invited Talks:

  • “South Sudan: Professor Lako Tongun on Independence,” interview with Africa Today, KPFA 94.1, September 5, 2011. Audio available at:
  • “Darfur and the Sudan,” invited speaker, Canada Crescenta Democractic Club, March 2010.