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KaMala Thomas, PhD
Assistant Professor of Psychology

Kamala Thomas

    With Pitzer Since: 2009
    Field Group: Psychology
    Campus Address: Broad Hall 109
    Phone: 607.1266

    PhD University of California, San Diego
    MS, MPH, San Diego State University
    BA, MA, Cal State, San Bernardino

Research Interests:

Influence of Chronic Stress on Depression, Sympathetic Nervous System, and Neuroendocrine Activity in Women; Management of Chronic Illness in Patients and their Families; Influence of Culture, Ethnicity, and Socioeconomic Status on Health.

Recent Courses:

Health Psychology (PSYC118)

Abnormal Psychology (PSYC 181)

Internships in Psychology (PSYC186, 187)

Seminar in Health Disparities (PSYC193)

Health Psychology Research Seminar: Stress, Depression, and Psychobiology in Women (PSYC196)

Selected Publications:

“Relationship of Monocyte Cellular Expression of Interleukin-6 and Sleep Architecture,” Brain, Behavior, and Immunity (in press). With S. Motivala, R. Olmstead, and  Irwin.

 “To Assess, to Control, to Exclude: Investigating Inflammatory Markers for Biobehavioral Researchers,” Brain, Behavior, and Immunity (in press). With M. F. O’Connor, J.  Bower, J. Cho, D. Creswell, M.A.  Hoyt, J.L. Martin, T. Robles, E. Sloan, and M. Irwin.

Sleep Depth and Fatigue: Role of Cellular Inflammatory Activation,” Brain, Behavior, and Immunity, vol.25, no.1 (January 2011). With S. Motivala, R. Olmstead, and M.R. Irwin.

 “Disrupted Sleep in Breast and Prostate Cancer Patients undergoing Radiation Therapy: The Role of Coping Processes. Psycho-Oncology, vol.19, no.7 (July 2010). With J. Bower, M. Hoyt, and S. Sepah.

“Influence of Education and Neighborhood Poverty on Pressor Responses to Phenylephrine in African Americans and Caucasian Americans,” Biological Psychology, vol.82, no.1 (2009). With R. A. Nelesen, M. G Ziegler, L. Natarajan, and J.E. Dimsdale.

“Coping Style and Sleep Quality in Men with Cancer,” Annals of Behavioral Medicine,vol.37, no.1 (February 2009). With M.A. Hoyt, D.R. Epstein, and S.R. Dirksen.

Influence of Education and Neighborhood Poverty on Pressor Responses to Phenylephrine in African-Americans and Caucasian-Americans,” Biological Psychology, vol.82, no.1 (September 2009).

“Which Measures of Obesity Are Related to Depressive Symptoms and in Whom?” Psychosomatics, vol.49 (January-February 2008).

“The Relationship between Fatigue and Cardiac Functioning,” Archives of Internal Medicine, vol.168, no.9 (May 2008). With Richard Nelesen, Yasmin Dar, and Joel E. Dimsdale.

“Fatigue Varies by Social Class in African Americans but not Caucasian Americans,” International Journal of Behavioral Medicine, vol.13, no.3 (2006). With Wayne A. Bardwell, Stephen C. Burke, Christian Carter, Kimberly Weingart, and Joel E. Dimsdale.

“The Toll of Ethnic Discrimination on Sleep Architecture and Fatigue,” Health Psychology, vol.25, no.5 (September 2006). With Wayne A. Bardwell, Sonia Ancoli-Israel,and Joel E. Dimsdale.

“Relationships between Hostility, Anger Expression, and Blood Pressure Dipping in an Ethnically Diverse Sample,” Psychosomatic Medicine, vol.66 (2004). With Richard A. Nelesen and Joel E. Dimsdale.

Recent Conferences and Invited Talks:

“Social Isolation Mediates Changes in Depressive Symptoms Following Participation in a 20-week Support Group,” poster presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Psychosomatic Society, March 2010. With D. Wellisch and R. Freeman.

“Relationship of Monocyte Cellular Expression of Interleukin-6 and Sleep Architecture,” paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Psychoneuroimmunology Research Society, June 2009. With S. Motivala and R. Olmstead, and M. Irwin.

“Control Appraisals and Coping Strategies Predict Changes in Behavioral Disturbances in Men Undergoing Radiotherapy for Prostate Cancer,” poster presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Psychosomatic Society, March 2008. With J. Bower.

Selected Grants, Awards, and Honors:

Trainee Award, Psychoneuroimmunology Research Society, 2009.

Minority Initiative Award, American Psychosomatic Society, 2008.

UCLA-Cousins Center Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, National Institutes of Mental Health Postdoctoral Fellowship, Thomas, 2007-2009.

American Psychological Association Minority Fellowship Program Mental Health Research Award, National Institutes of Mental HealthPredoctoral Fellowship, 2002-2007.

Outstanding Student Poster Recognition, American Psychological Association, 2004.

Meritorious Student Paper Recognition, Society of Behavioral Medicine, 2004.

Professional Affiliations:

American Psychosomatic Society (APS), Regular Member
American Psychological Association, Division 38

Additional Information

Curriculum Vitae (pdf)